Man sentenced in illegal sales of human tissue

The California man knowingly falsified records about the deceased donors of tissue, officials say.


A California man was sentenced today in federal court for the sale of human tissue.

Philip Guyett Jr. of Simi Valley, received eight years in prison for three counts of mail fraud, committed while harvesting and selling human tissue for medical implantation. Restitution was also imposed.

Guyett, acting through Donor Referral Services Inc., recovered human tissue from deceased people at funeral homes in North Carolina.

He then sold the tissue to various tissue banks for subsequent sale to medical facilities, which use the tissue in patients throughout the U.S.

Government regulations require certain medical information of the deceased tissue donor be gathered and analyzed by the tissue harvester, to screen for certain medical conditions of the deceased that would preclude using the tissue.

Officials said that to ensure purchase of the human tissue he harvested, Guyett knowingly falsified information on the medical history reports of the deceased donors.

He would omit or lie about the reports, including the deceased donors’ age at death or cause of death. Guyett would also resubmit rejected tissue for sale under fake donor names and submit false blood samples for tissue he knew was unacceptable for sale.

Investigation of the case was conducted by the United States Food and Drug Administration.


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