In the minutes - Prescott Council


Council members are Steve Heimbigner, Doug Venn, Dave Base, Gene Alandi and Chris Scudder. Mayor is Libby McCaw. With Alandi absent Monday the Council:

TAX LEVY: Following an open comment period where no one spoke, approved a tax levy for 2010, which is about $300. This is nearly the same as for 2009, Mayor Libby McCaw said. Unanimous.

WATER: Voted to change the water rationing ordinance to have no outside watering on Mondays during ration periods, and residents allowed to water three days a week. Residents on either side of the highway will have three assigned days when watering is permitted. Previously watering was alternated on an odd-even day basis, which was sometimes confusing, McCaw said. Unanimous.

JUNK: Audience members commented on junk in yards. The council said the city does what it can to be user friendly, because it is very expensive to do nuisance abatements.


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