Why not a word on Symphony opening night?


Yooo! Hoooo! Were you awake or asleep at the switch? Why was there not a word about the fabulous Walla Walla Symphony's opening night for the 103rd season on Oct. 13?

You certainly missed a wonderful opportunity to "Bring the Valley to our Homes."

You see, this wasn't just an ordinary concert, because it featured as piano soloist -- a young man who is one of our own. Alexander Bernstein is a home-grown Walla Wallan. And he didn't just play well, he played magnificently with agility and maturity far beyond his young age. That is one lost opportunity you missed.

And here is another one: he dedicated to his teacher, Debra Richter, who is also one of our own -- a fine local artist.

And what is really precious he kept the encore a secret, not even telling his family. It was gorgeous! I doubt there was a dry eye in the packed Cordiner Hall.

Shame, shame, shame.

Cora Dee Hunt
Walla Walla


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