Nealey is right person for representative


Marcene and I agree with a previous letter to the editor that Terry Nealey, candidate for state representative for the 16th District, is a nice guy and has been very active making Dayton and the surrounding area a better place to live. The author suggested that although it would be a good idea to invite this nice guy to dinner, it wasn't such a good idea to vote for him.

We, however, encourage moderate Democrats and independents to not only invite him to dinner but also to vote for him. Terry Nealey is just the person we all want for representative; he is a fiscal conservative.

We can attest to the fact that in the 30-plus years we have seen him at work in our local community, he has not overspent a project budget. Republicans and Democrats alike need Terry Nealey in our state government during the very challenging financial emergency facing Washington state residents.

Paul Hendrickson


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