U-B reporting of Referendum 71 is one-sided


Approval of Referendum 71 would not instantly make homosexual marriage legal, but it would set up a legal situation where activist judges in the courts could declare homosexual marriage a reality under Washington state law. This is a predetermined strategy.

Your U-B reporting on this issue is decidedly one-sided. This is no surprise since you are openly promoting the approval of Referendum 71.

Because you are so sure you are on the right side, why not give balanced reporting and interview a competent spokesperson from the other side and put it on the front page? Preferably someone who can speak clearly and intelligently -- I can offer a suggestion -- so that you are not guilty of setting up a "straw man" to knock down and ridicule. Preferably prior to the election!

This public issue is not about equality or justice. Gay couples and individuals already have important rights and legal protections. What the homosexual movement wants and demands should also be balanced by what society needs.

Homosexual couples may include people of integrity and good character, genius, high productivity, and all may make for great neighbors. They may be a real blessing to those who know them. None of this gets at the heart of the matter.

Our society does not have the same vested interest in homosexual unions that we have in heterosexual marriage.

Marriage between husband and wife, male and female, where children may be born and reared in a loving and disciplined environment, is of the highest consequence to our society's future. The institution that provides this vital contribution to our civilization should be honored and esteemed in a class by itself.

Why should we set aside the wisdom of the ages, which has always viewed marriage as uniquely worthy of social and legal protections?

If that question is too weighty, here's one we can handle.

How about fair and balanced reporting from the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin? It may not produce agreement on these issues, but it would provide greater clarity. It might even increase your subscriptions.

Mark Koonz
Walla Walla


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