We need a dozen like Terry Nealey


I was hoping I didn't need to write this letter but an apparent reversal of opinions should not go unnoticed. Last year the Tri-City Herald and the Union-Bulletin both implied they would have no problem endorsing Terry Nealey if he was not running against the experienced, influential incumbent Bill Grant.

Well that was last year's endorsement pitch. This year both newspapers have taken to recalculating experience and redefining influence. Instead of 22 years it now takes only nine months to become experienced and simply wearing the Democratic "party label" renders more than enough influence to trump the superior qualifications of a very "solid candidate".

I hope the influence of your endorsements has shrunk proportionately to the size of your newspapers. We don't just need Terry Nealey as our legislator, we need about a dozen more just like him.

Dennis N. Lockard


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