Blue Devil is a mascot, not an idol


The letter by Amber Yates (Union-Bulletin, Oct. 8), claims that: "The Walla Walla High School mascot is sinister and evil, not beloved." And that she has "felt spirits of discouragement, injustice, infirmities, poverty [sic] emitting from this place", and that the "Blue Devil mascot" violates the separation of church and state.

While a clever lawyer could probably make a case about a separation of church and state violation, the question must be asked, who would truly waste their time battling for the changing of the mascot? Anyone who is that concerned over it really needs to sit down and re-evaluate the way they use their time.

Now, in regards to the writer's claims that having this mascot is devil worship and is "the main source of evil in this town and maybe the surrounding areas as well."

After reading her letter I immediately wondered if I would ever see the author standing on a soapbox downtown screaming that the world will soon end. If the author truly believes that a high school mascot is bringing evil into our town then she needs to take a look around. In comparison to other towns, not just in the country but our own state, Walla Walla is a comparative heaven.

Our problems are not large or overly terrible; and the problems we have are certainly not caused by the Blue Devil or by evil spirits.

In her letter the writer talks of Wa-Hi's Dungeons and Dragons, and WarCraft computer games clubs. Does the author truly believe that these games open the doorway to "demonic hell?"

If she does truly believe this then I must ask the writer if she has ever personally played these games? While they do involve magic and spirits, they aren't going to corrupt the youth of this town, if anything they may increase their critical thinking abilities, in that these games can become competitive and they can require quick thinking and clever ideas.

The Walla Walla High School's mascot does not and will not determine our legacy as human beings as the author suggest it will in her letter. It's a mascot, not an idol or a sadistic demon that we all worship; after all, the devil is red not blue.

Trevor Dobbins
Walla Walla


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