Let's keep opinions to the point


Over the past few months I have become quite concerned with the negative climate permeating 'Our Readers' Opinions' section of the U-B.

As of late, I have observed a definite escalation of jounalistic abuse leveled on opinionates expressing their personal opinion on issues that concern them and possibly others in the community.

Freedom of speech does not give license to any one individual the authorization to publicly besmirch, demean or criticize another individual expressing their point of view regarding a national or debate issue.

During the aforementioned period reading the U-B opinions, the sole opinion that I felt worthy of being read was titled, "Sadly, distortion published as facts," submitted by Steve Singleton, was a well-researched, accurate and balanced essay; uncharacteristic of the numerous opinions published recently offering pithy remarks without foundation or validation.

The continuity exhibited in many of the radical opinions published recently can be summarized by a partial quote I had read in a New York best seller that would fit many of the opinions featured in past U-B issues: "... liberals, as opposed to sentient creatures, have a finite number of memorized talking points, which they periodically try to shoehorn into unrelated events ..."

Unfortunately, opinions such as those most recently published were for the most part, I'll surmise, based on fable and inaccurate details of fact and do not lend to a cohesive or entertaining conclusion. For those considering submitting an opinion in response to another opinion, please provide your rebuttal citing substantiating facts in support of your premise of thought or belief instead of utilizing some worn-out "party" cliche' that on the most part present themselves as hollow or meaningless.

As for the frequent comments leveled recently at the page editors regarding his publishable material selection process; it is my understanding that 99 percent of submitted opinions are published with disregard for party affiliation or prejudice and content are usually unedited for reader discernment.

As a personal observation, I have come to a conclusion that many of the recent letters to the U-B editor have taken on the flair of the "left and right coasts" and California, with a mix of, for the most part, literate submissions from our local community. Let's keep the opinions simple and to the point.

Reuben T. Tsujimura
Walla Walla


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