Take care to avoid hitting moose and deer


This is in response to Amy White's letter in the Sunday U-B about the safety of the moose during a situation the police handled improperly. I live behind Saager school and have experienced a similar situation on the same stretch of road in front of the school and certainly cannot understand why this vehicle hit the moose hard enough to kill the moose calves.

My husband and I were travelling from Highway 11, turned to the College Place turnoff and just as we were in front of the school, all of a sudden I saw it out of the corner of my eye (to the right) and yelled at my husband to stop, which he did and a deer jumped out on the road in front of us and kept going across the road to the field on the left and went his merry way.

We were amazed due to the fact that deer actually had used the cross walk in front of us. We laughed and went on home.

The speed limit through there is 35 mph and I cannot understand why anyone, if they were paying attention to the road and to their surroundings (which is in the drivers manual -- watch for all things in front, behind, on the sides while you are driving), could have possibly hit two moose calves whom aren't small and hit them hard enough to injure them and have them put down as the paper stated.

I also agree with Ms. White's concerns about why the road wasn't closed, or traffic slowed down knowing there was a situation that could possibly turn bad if the moose were to somehow come across a vehicle. And it did turn bad.

We all know a moose or a deer aren't like our family pets, where we can say "no," stop or call them by name and have them come to us. If you have ever come across a deer or animal of that type, you have to know they come out of nowhere and aren't concerned with any vehicles. I have also read in the paper that a police officer had even hit a deer in this same area.

The police definitely could have helped to prevent those moose from being killed to a point by closing the road or slowing down traffic. Hopefully this will alert them to be more cautious and alert the community in case they don't know that deer/moose have been known to cross through that area.

Dyan Weber
College Place


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