Touchet teachers do a great job


I am a graduate of Touchet School and am quite concerned of what is going on.

The teachers at the school have always worked very hard for their students, so I do not see why they are not getting paid and treated fairly. From what I see, the teachers at Touchet School deserve to get paid and treated fairly.

Each year they are expected to work with less and less. Not only that, they are not only teachers but mothers and fathers as well. This ongoing battle affects their families.

These are families that involve themselves in the community and support the school. From attending functions and sports events, even if one of their own children are not involved. If the school district can pay $20,000 to a lawyer, why can't it pay bus drivers and coaches and teachers in time instead of telling them to wait until till next month?

I have had the opportunity to know every teacher, coach and bus driver at that school personally. They are hard working and have always put their best into their jobs. I hope that when this is settled they get what they deserve for their hard work and dedication to their students and the school as well.

Ruth Magana Moreno


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