Touchet teachers focus on individuals


As a Touchet High School alumnus, I just wanted to state how wonderful the teachers were when I attended. If it weren't for their efforts, I know many who wouldn't have been able to make it as far as they have now.

The teachers at Touchet School were dependable, were there for you not only as instructors but as friends and made everything possible to make sure the student got the education and stability needed to succeed in the real world.

Having a small school has made these goals attainable. Teachers have gone out of their way to know each student and their families on a more personal level than if one was to attend a bigger school. They don't teach classes, but individuals -- as that is what each student is.

I hope the School Board has taken considerations like these into account as it continues to negotiate contracts for teachers who reasonably reward their expertise and dedication.

There are not many teachers today who are as devoted as these teachers, and we should do everything we can to retain them. Education is the foundation of every healthy society.

Kimberly Niemeyer


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