Why won't Obama go on Fox?


Wow, look at what Obama and his intelligent kindergarten kids are doing. They are saying big bad Fox News is calling me names waa waa.

Is this administration filled with five-year-olds or adults? Five-year-olds is my guess.

We have troops over in the Middle East he refuses to address, a tanking economy, people losing their homes, etc., etc., and he is worried about the Olympics and Fox News!

Where is his priorities? Fox News doesn't agree with him and those in the White Office are going after Fox like they did Joe the Plumber. This man has no back bone. Why not go on Fox and give them a chance to interview him? Why not go on Fox and say in front of a huge audience and challenge Fox regarding what Obama says it is lying about?

It is because he can't come up with anything other then the fact that if someone says anything bad or against Obama, the anointed one, that person will be persecuted. Sounds more and more like Hitler trying to rein in free speech and make sure that everyone agrees with the great one. I don't like MSNBC or ABC, but they have the right to their opinions, apparently we have a resurrected Hitler here. Watch out, you never know who might be next you, me. Pretty soon we will be getting arrested and shot for not agreeing with Obama and his Marxists friends.

Barb Dickerson


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