$n$ Law enforcement officials caution to watch out for fake telemarketers


WALLA WALLA -- Area businesses, as well as individuals, are being cautioned by law enforcement to watch out for fake telemarketers purporting to be raising money for local schools or other agencies.

One local business recently agreed to pay $300 to a person claiming to work for Scoreboard Productions, according to a Walla Walla Police Department news release. The caller contacted the business with the goal of raising money for Garrison Middle School, the release states.

In the scam, the business-owner believed the money would cover having the business' logo placed on T-shirts and advertisement for Garrison's basketball program.

Walla Walla Public Schools Chief Financial Officer, Pat Johnston, told police that no such fundraising effort exists.

City police are advising businesses or others who may receive such solicitations to request the contact information of the benefiting agency. The agency may be a school, police, or fire agency. A legitimate caller should be able to promptly provide that information, according to the release. People should then contact the agency for verification.

A solicitor who can't provide such information, or increases pressure to "act now," should be considered fraudulent, according to the release.


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