Psychic to seek the 'souls' of objects



Lynch gets a reading from a photo.


Psychic Janice Lynch attempts to sense the vibrations of an object brought by an attendee on Oct. 29, 2005.

Antique objects will whisper their memories on Nov. 7 at the annual Whispered Memories Psychic Tea organized by the Kirkman House Museum.

Regional psychic Janice Lynch will perform two sessions of psychometry - a practice of sensing an object's past by touching it and feeling the vibrations it has collected over time.

The sessions are 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Nov. 7. The tickets cost $25 per person and $20 for museum members. Each session will allow 25 people and reservations made in advance are required.

The interior of the 130-year-old house of the museum, built during the Victorian Era, will be a perfect setting for the metaphysical practice.

"People during the Victorian Era were just fascinated with the idea of the supernatural and were seeking scientific exploration of the metaphysical occurrences," said Kirsten Schober, executive director of the museum.

In 1984, American professor of physiology Joseph R. Buchanan concluded that objects have "souls" that keep memories. Later, scientists formed the concept that inanimate objects' pasts were embedded as vibrations in the objects themselves. Lynch, who has performed the sessions at the Kirkman House Museum for the past nine years, "reads" the past of an object by touching it and feeling the vibrations that it has experienced and caught during its existence.

"For example, you bring your great-grandmother's necklace and she will be able to connect to the past of this necklace by feeling the vibrations that it has remembered and tell you something about the life of your great-grandmother," Schober said. "Very often in the past years, Janice has been able to say real facts about the past owners of the object.

"Back then at the end of the 19th century it was common for many people to be involved in such paranormal practices. Today there is some disapproval from some churches, for example," Schober said.

In the past nine years, people of all ages have attended the sessions and have brought an array of objects - from books and photographs to stuffed animals.

"And of course there will be tea," Schober said. "The Victorian era was marked by the idea that tea has major role in the social rituals and interactions at the time."

The Whispered Memories Psychic Tea is a fundraising event that will support two programs organized by the Kirkman House Museum. Part of the funds will go toward the Dec. 5 Victorian Christmas Jubilee, which is an open house on the same day of the Macy's Parade of Lights. The second program that the museum is working on right now together with the Washington State Historical Society, Seneca Falls and The Women's Rights Movement in the State of Washington is the Catharine Paine Blaine Traveling Exhibit that will last from Jan. 15 through March. It is in celebration of the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote in the state of Washington.


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