FINES TO FEES: Discussed ordinances which state fines within the ordinance. Mayor Thul would like the council to review the ordinances, and possibly omit the reference to fines in the 25 ordinances with specified fines. Instead, a fee schedule for all ordinance violations could be adopted.

BENEFITS: Mayor Thul asked the council to consider raising the $750 cap the city contributes to employee benefits.

HAZARDS: Dennis Olson of the University of Oregon, will take updates to the hazard mitigation plans to FEMA for review. Once the review is complete, the city will have the opportunity to adopt the changes.

PLANNING: Approved reappointment of planning commission members Vickie Jackson and Roger Johnson. Also approved appointing new member Melissa McGill. Unanimous for all.

VEHICLE: Authorized paying off the loan on the public works vehicle this year. Unanimous.

STREETS: Voted to designate certain streets as no parking, and some with parking on one side only to allow emergency vehicle access. The streets that will be posted are North Broad, Pomeroy and Railroad. Unanimous.

RV PARKING: Due to incomplete information, took no action on a request for temporary RV parking on personal property.


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