Is this a free country?


So if we don't like what the present administration is doing and speak up, is it right or wrong?

According to a lot of people in power during the last administration, if you disagreed with what they were doing then it was your right to dissent or debate what they were doing. And they said it was patriotic if you did it. So why isn't it now?

What gives?

I heard Mrs. Clinton say that to disagree along with others in her party it was a right and patriotic. But now that the other side is protesting what their party is doing and trying to do it's wrong! Why?

Last I knew this was a free country and the First Amendment gave us the right to voice our opinion of what is going on, and to disagree with what the government is doing! But instead of them respecting that right they call us racists, rednecks, illiterate and other unbecoming names.

So, I guess the only question I have is if it's good for one party to decent why isn't good for the other party to decent? Or is just right for them to decent when they are not in power, and not right for others to do it when they are?

I guess that is the real question! Is it a free country or do we have to abide by what they want us to abide by?

Greg Laughery



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