On the agenda - Columbia County


When: Monday, 10 a.m.

Where: Third Floor, Columbia County Courthouse

  • BIDS: Open bids for 2010 crushing contract and 2010 road stabilization.
  • SURPLUS: Consider resolution to declare certain public works equipment as surplus. Also consider request from Extension to surplus items.
  • ROAD: Consider resolution to authorize improvement of South Touchet Road from milepost 0.16 to milepost 1.80. Also consider contract with County Road Administration Board for funding of the South Touchet Road Project.
  • PLANNING: Consider approving interlocal agreement with the city of Dayton for planning services. Discuss copy machine.
  • SHERIFF: Discuss replacement boat motor.
  • BANK: Here a report on policy change by Anna Sauceda-Young of AmericanWest Bank.
  • PARTNERSHIP: Discuss letter from Bureau of Land Management considering partnership proposal.
  • MAINTENANCE: Consider approving hiring maintenance supervisor.


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