LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Prepare for Ralph Nader visit


Look what I found on page 489.

"Corporations, partnerships, and legal associations of any kind shall not be deemed 'persons' for purposes of applying or interpreting the U.S. Constitution. 'Person' shall hereby be defined by law as a human being."

Imagine it, the agenda for the common good, expansion of the Dynamic Democracy Act, Section Two, the noble legacy of some super-rich. "Only the super-rich can save us!" Ralph Nader's first work of fiction sits us at their table.

"America the Beautiful" is no longer bursting bombs in the air, "liberty and justice for some" is restored "for all!" I suggest every reader study this "blueprint of peace and justice" before May 5 when Ralph Nader is expected at Whitman in Walla Walla.

Bring your book. Ask me for a "page 489" bookmarker.

Margaret M. Walsh



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