In the minutes - POMEROY COUNCIL


Pomeroy City Council members are Dennis Gillis, James Fuchs, Michael Akers and Donna Hunt. One seat is vacant. Mayor is Alan Gould. With all present Tuesday the council:

  • PROPOSAL: Heard proposed street revision for Courthouse remodel from Dean Burton and Larry Bunch. Burton asked the council to consider designating the private road behind the Courthouse as one-way, entering from Seventh Street and exiting on Eighth Street after the renovation is complete. Later in the meeting Council decided to support the one-way traffic revision.

  • CURB: Heard petition from Bob and Ann Heitstuman to remove curb at 17th and Columbia. They complained about the south side of the street at that location. Gould said it was built according to the Transportation Improvement Board's specifications and the city would not make any changes. Later in the meeting the Council voted to deny the petition. Unanimous.

  • EIGHTEENTH STREET: Heard comments by Bob and Ann Heitstuman regarding continuing issues regarding 18th Street. Gould said that as weather permits, gravel will be placed on the low spots on the easement portion of the street.

  • VARIANCE: Learned the Planning and Zoning Commission recommend the Laughery Variance request be denied and revert to the approved ordinance. Council voted to accept the recommendation. Vote was 3 in favor, with Gillis abstaining.

  • PLAZA: Learned the Pioneer Plaza Restroom project budget and design will be submitted by the end of April. It is expected the project will be complete by the end of the summer. Prefabricated restrooms will be used.

  • COUNCIL SEAT: Following a 25-minute executive session to discuss candidates for the vacant council seat, council voted by ballot for the four candidates. Stephanie Newberg was selected, with three votes. G. Paul Miller received one vote and Lynette Fischer and Kimberly Gordon received no votes. The oath of office was administered to Newberg.

  • INSURANCE: Discussed CIAW Insurance retroactive insurance assessment. Gould will advise the firm the city does not intend to pay the retroactive assessment.

  • WHITE STRIP: Learned a white strip will be painted on the north side of Main Street between 13th and 14th streets. Gould will inform the state Department of Transportation about the decision.

  • NUISANCE ORDINANCE: Prosecuting attorney Matt Newberg recommended the infractions outlined in the sample ordinance should be made infractions and not criminal. The goal is to make the ordinance enforceable. A draft will be available at the May meeting.

  • ORDINANCE: Discuss nuisance ordinance.


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