Blue Devils combine for 11th-place tennis finish


KENNEWICK, Wash. - A pair of Wa-Hi Blue Devils men's tennis players finished fifth, Jack Crouter and Ruben Kuznetsov, while Cameron Davis finished sixth in singles' action over the weekend at the Tri-City Invitational championships.

"Ruben ran off five straight points after being down 1-4 to win and gain the respectable fifth-place finish," Wa-Hi coach Ted Cummings said. "Jack won two out of three matches, like Ruben, to get another fifth place finish. Cameron finished sixth and gained immense experience by playing four good opponents in only 25 hours this weekend."

In boys' doubles, John Meliah and Madison Filan finished a respectable fourth place.

In mixed doubles, Brendan McKineey and Chantel DesJarlais finished in fifth place.

The girls and boys combined to finish eleventh out of sixteen teams.

Wa-Hi, at 113 points, was just 14 points behind sixth-place finisher Richland. At the top, Hanford at 204 points.

Wa-Hi plays a double dual match in Wenatchee against Eastmont and Wenatchee High Saturday.

SINGLES - Cameron Davis WW def. Ferris 7-5,6-2, def. Kennewick 6-1,6-1, semifinals lost to Kamiakin 6-1,6-2, lost to Capital 6-2,6-1 for 6th place. Jack Crouter WW lost to Ferris 6-1,6-2, def Coeur D'Alene 6-1,6-1, def Mead 6-4,6-3 for 5th place. James Tupper-Bridges WW lost to Central Valley 6-0,6-1, lost to Capital 6-2,6-1 and dnp (did not place). Ruben Kuznetsov (WW) lost to Lewiston 7-5,6-4, def. Southridge 6-2,6-4, def. University 6-4,6-4 for 5th place.

DOUBLES -John Meliah-Madison Filan WW def. Lewiston 6-1,6-3, lost to Ferris 6-3,6-0, def. Pasco 6-4,7-6 for 4th place. Adam Spencer-Parker Postlewaite WW def. Coeur D'Alene 6-2,6-2, lost to Kamiakin 6-3,6-1, lost to Kennewick6-4,6-4 dnp.

MIXED DOUBLES -Blake Rowley-Claire Konen (WW) def.Ferris 7-6,6-4, lost to Kamiakin 6-4,7-6, lost to Pasco 6-2,6-0 and dnp. Brendan McKinney-Chantel DesJarlais (WW) lost to Ferris 6-4,6-4, def. Pasco 6-0,6-0, def. Chiawana 6-3,6-1 for 5th place.


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