Buckaroos throw Pioneer boys net team, 9-3


MILTON-FREEWATER - The Pioneers' boys tennis team lost, 9-3, to Pendleton here Monday.

"It's always nice playing Pendleton," said Mac-Hi coach Michelle Snyder. "They have a good team and it is big enough that a lot of my players get to play. We lost 9-3, but everybody went out and played hard and had fun."

First-year player Alexis Robles was the only winner in singles. He defeated Thomas James, 8-0.

"Alexis has come out and worked hard for me this year," Snyder said. "I was happy to see him put a win on the board for us."

The boys took two wins in doubles.

No. 3 doubles team Aleks Cortez and Nik Cortez won their match, 8-5, over Bucks Travis Banister and Marshall Bixler.

"Aleks and Nik are often in the shadow of the doubles teams above them," Snyder said. "Today they really shined. I am proud of them."

The No. 4 doubles team of Cody Clark and Sam Perry also posted a win for the Pioneers.

SINGLES - Bryan Carter (Pen) def. Omar Gomez (Mac) 7-5, 6-2; Shannon Hartley (Pen) def. Cresencio Beltran (Mac) 6-0, 7-5; Jacob Jones (Pen) def. John Bird (Mac) 8-5; Alex Robles (Mac) def. Thomas James (Penn) 8-0; Peter Anderson (Pen) def. Taylor Brown (Mac) 8-6; Micah Wood (Pen) def. Mark Rodriguez (Mac) 8-3.

DOUBLES - Carson Clem-Tyler Simpson (Pen) def. Ricky Angel-Anthony Martinez (Mac) 6-2, 6-3; Curran Holdman-Carew Havo (Pen) def. Luis Alvarez-Arnie Alvarez (Mac) 6-2, 6-4; Aleks Cortez-Nik Cortez (Mac) def. Travis Banister-Marshall Bixler (Pen) 8-5; Cody Clark-Sam Perry (Mac) def. Sam Reeves-Joe Ettinger (Pen) 8-5; Marshall Bixler-Lieden Cook (Pen) def. Jeffrey Vaughn-Lawrence Timmons (Mac) 8-2; Peter Anderton-Travis Banister (Pen) def. Tyler McElrath-Eddy Zargoza (Mac) 8-1.

Team scores - Pendleton 9, Mac-Hi 3


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