Pioneer tennis teams pick up victories over Weston-McEwen, Pendleton


MILTON FREEWATER - The Pioneers beat two Oregon foes in two matches on their home courts Tuesday.

The Pioneer girls swept Weston-McEwen, 4-0, and the boys came off a 9-3 loss at Pendleton Monday to win 3-1 over the TigerScots.

Ione also came to play. The Mac-Hi girls won 8-2 and the boys won 6-1.

"It was fun to play Ione," said Pioneers coach Michelle Snyder. "We usually only get to see them at tournaments, and it was fun to get to play their whole team at home."

Singles player Cat Garza switched from doubles to singles and won both of her matches Tuesday.

"She came out and fought hard," Snyder said of Garza. "It was nice to see her having fun as a singles player."

These were her first game matches, Snyder said.

In doubles, team Courtney Koch and Makenzie Sheets defeated Ione players Julianne Carlson and Elisabeth Braten, 8-1.

"I remember the first day of practice, wondering if I would ever get them to be able to hit the ball consistently over the net to the other side," Snyder said. "It is so fun to watch them play. They work so hard and continue to improve. I'm so excited to see where they are at the end of the season."

In boys' doubles, No. 1 team Ricky Angel and Anthony Martinez are undefeated after beating Ione's Johan Morlin and R.J. Ramos, 8-2.

"It is fun watching them play and I have high hopes for them in tournament play this year," Snyder said.

The Pioneers play Friday in Lewiston.


Mac-Hi 3, Weston-McEwen 1

SINGLES- Crescencio Beltran (Mac) def. Kolby McKage (WM) 8-5; Daniel Winn (WM) def. Alexis Robles (Mac) 8-2; Taylor Brown (Mac) def. Logan McDowell (WM) 8-0.

DOUBLES- Luis Alvarez-Arnie Alvarez (Mac) def. Josh Lambert-Pierson Pahl (WM) 8-1.

Mac-Hi 6, Ione 1

SINGLES - Germano Arauga (Io) def. Omar Gomez (Mac) 8-2; John Bird (Mac) def. Alex Carlson (Io) 8-1; Juan Diaz (Mac) def. Bruce McMinn (Io) 6-4; Mark Rodriguez (Mac) def. Kevin Vanderwalker (Io) 6-2.

DOUBLES- Ricky Angel-Anthony Martinez (Mac) def. Johan Morlin-RJ Ramos (Io) 8-2; Aleks Cortez-Nik Cortez (Mac) def. Mike Raible-Kevin LaRue 8-1; Cody Clark-Sam Perry (Mac) def. Seyun Kim-Bruce McMinn (Io) 6-1.


Mac-Hi 4, Weston-McEwen 0

SINGLES- Ashley Doherty (Mac) def. Laura Alleslev (WM) 8-3; Kiya Locati (Mac) def. Melissa Husky (WM) 6-1; Cat Garza (Mac) def. Samantha Morehouse (WM) 6-0.

DOUBLES- Maria Rincon-Vanessa Cuellar (Mac) def. Shyanne Cole-Presley Pahl (WM) 9-7.

Mac-Hi 8, Ione 2

SINGLES - Stefanie Archer (Io) def. Kiya Locati (Mac) 8-4; Ashley Doherty (Mac) def. Vanessa Zillani (Io) 8-2; Julia Meyer (Io) def. Maria Rincon (Mac) 7-6 (7-2); Cat Garza (Mac) def. Mary McElligotta (Io) 8-0.

DOUBLES - Kirysa Koch-Rachel Smith (Mac) def. Tyree Svetich-Kylie VanArsdale (Io) 8-5; Maria Rincon-Vanesa Rubio (Mac) def. Kylie McElligott-Elin Forssen (Io) 8-1; Courtney Koch-Makenzie Sheets (Mac) def. Julianne Carlson-Elisabeth Braten (Io) 8-1; Claribel Gonzalez-Elizabeth Salgardo (Mac) def. Shannon Metcalf-Veronica Hector (Io) 7-5; Glenda Lamas-Estefani Lamas (Mac) def. Daisy Victorio-Mary Gates (Io) 6-1; Glenda Lamas-Estefani Lamas (Mac) def. Yoyo Chan-Alisha Taylor (Io) 6-0.


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