$n$ A fine day at Blue Mountain Track Meet

Chinonso Opara and Casey Roosma lead WWVA with a total of five victories, and DeSales has four top finishes Tuesday.



DeSales' Dani Hall lets her head be her guide as she throws into the wind during the javelin competition at Wednesday's Blue Mountain Track Meet at Martin Field.


-WWVA's Chinonso Opara, center, got the jump out of the blocks and the early lead in the boy's 100- meter dash, then cruised to the win and his new personal record in 11.7 seconds.


WWVA's Casey Roosma stays focused and flies toward the final hurdle en route to first place in the 100 meter hurdles, with a time — and new personal best — of 17.66 seconds Wednesday afternoon at Martin Field.

WALLA WALLA - Tuesday was a nice day to spend outside.

And for athletes from five Class 2B teams at the Blue Mountain Track Meet, it was a nice day to compete.

Track and field athletes from DeSales, Walla Walla Valley Academy, Asotin, Garfield-Palouse and St. John-Endicott/Lacrosse-Washtucna came to play at Martin Field.

St. John-Endicott/Lacrosse-Washtucna's boys won a team score of 93, and Asotin won for the girls at 122.

Walla Walla Valley Academy placed third for the boys with 61 points, and was fifth for the girls at 37.

DeSales placed second for the boys with 65 and third for the girls, also with 65.

"It's been a great day," said WWVA head coach Dan Solis. "Some of our freshmen have really improved, and that's great to see because we hope to have them for another three years."

Tracksters Chinonso Opara and Casey Roosma led the Knights, posting personal bests in all of their events. They were also the only top finishers for WWVA, winning five events.

Opara won the 100-meter at 11.07 seconds, 200-meter with 22.59, and was on the winning 400 relay team, which finished with 47.69.

"It felt good," Opara said, before posting a winning time in the 200. "It felt like my year of hard work had paid off."

Opara, a senior, also runs cross country in the fall.

Roosma, a junior, also posted high marks for the Knights in her three events. She won the girls' 100 at 13.12 and the 100 hurdles at 17.66, and placed second in the 200 at 28.28.

"I can see all my hard work," Roosma said. "It feels really good. It's been a good competition."

She had a tight win in the 100 over Garfield-Palouse's Annie Leendertsen, who placed second with 13.27.

"I looked back and saw that she was really close," Roosma said. "So I picked up speed and really pushed it."

It worked, as she crossed the finish line with a new personal record.

DeSales' athletes also had a good day. They placed first in four events.

"The kids are showing improvement and starting to get there," said DeSales coach Mike Michels. "They're working hard."

Several athletes had outstanding days, he said.

Roxana Acock, a senior, is coming off an in injury and only participated in one of her usual events. But she won in the javelin.

"She was happy to throw," Michels said. "Winning was icing on the cake."

She won with a throw of 92 feet, 1.5 inches.

"That's pretty good for coming back," Acock said.

She was sidelined for two weeks with an injured knee.

The rest of the meet, she cheered on her fellow Irish.

Anthony Brown took a win and a personal best with the discus and placed fifth in the javelin.

"He had a really good day in throwing events," Michels said. "He's really showing improvement."

And overall, it's been a good season for the Irish.

"I think we're getting there," he said. "The kids are working really hard and we're on the right track."

It's a league stacked with talent, he said.

"Every school has some good kids," he said. "There's state potential somewhere."

Several Irish athletes have met their personal goals for the year and are in the process of setting new ones.

"We're training hard and improving," Michels said.

For the Irish, it's coming out to work that makes the meets fun.

"Whatever happens, we give it our all," Acock said. "We want to do well. We just keep trying to improve."


100 METER - 1, Chinoso Opara, WWVA, 11.07; 2, Sam Robertson, G-P, 11.45; 3, Jeff Kent, G-P, 11.61.

200 - 1, Chinoso Opara, WWVA, 22.59; 2, Jeff Kent G-P, 23.83; 3, Christopher Lindsey, WWVA, 24.18. 3, Sam Robertson, G-P, 24.18.

400 - 1, Pat Sharkey, DeSales, 55.24; 2, Dylan Schmick, St. J, 55.39, 3, Sam Robertson, G-P, 56.86.

800 - Cody Siegel, SJ-E, 2:10.31; 2, Joe Zimmerman, DeS, 2:18.59; 3, Drew Gibbs, Asotin, 2:19.49.

1600 - 1, Cody Siegel, SJ-E, 4:59.23; 2, Chase Teigen, Aso, 5:05.36; 3, Alex Aamodt, WWVA, 5:07.72.

3200 - 1, Chase Teigen, Aso, 11:29.15; 2, Joab Neri, DeS, 12:12.30; 3, Kehlen Krueger, WWVA, 12:27.74.

110 HURDLES - 1, Warren Miller, SJ-E, 16.99; 2, Johnathon Miller, Asotin, 17.68; 3, Nick Wales, DeSales, 17.74.

300 HURDLES - 1, Chad Redman, G-P, 42.57; 2, Nick Wales, DeS, 43.32; 3, Brad Riehle, SJ-E, 49.05. 4.

4x100 RELAY - 1, WWVA (Alex Aamodt, Chinonso Opara, Brandon Bissell, Christopher Lindsey), 47.69; 2, G-P (Chad Redman, Jeff Kent, Sam Robertson, Nick Robertson), 47.73; 3, Asotin ( Alex Cabrera, Johnathon Miller, Dillon Glover, Jacob Whittaker), 47.79.

4x400 RELAY - 1, SJ-E (Jacob Blankenship, Warren Miller, Cody Siegel, Dylan Schmick), 3:43.36; 2, Asotin (Nate Dalton, Jacob Whittaker, Ben Servatius, Johnathon Miller), 3:52.89. 3, WWVA (Alex Aamodt, Christopher Lindsey, Daniel Ruiz, Brian Wittlake), 3:53.64.

LONG JUMP - 1, Warren Miller, SJ-E, 18-08.25; 2, Brandon Bissell, WWVA, 17-04.50; 3, Kaleb Simon, SJ-E, 17-03.75.

TRIPLE JUMP - 1, Jason Swannack, SJ-E, 36-08; 2, Kaleb Simon, SJ-E, 36-07; 3, Nate Dalton, Aso, 36-05.50.

HIGH JUMP - 1, Warren Miller, SJ-E, 6-04; 2, Ben Servatius, Aso, 5-10; 3, Michael Hanson, WWVA, 5-08; 3, Chris Wargo, SJ-E, 5-08.

SHOT PUT - 1, Jacob Heikkenen, DeS, 37-11; 2, Tyler Wahl, DeS, 37-03; 3, Nick Meharry, WWVA, 35-03.75.

JAVELIN - 1, Anthony Floyd, G-P, 124-07; 2, Tyler Wahl, DeS, 122-01; 3, Jordan Styner, Aso, 121-07.

DISCUS - 1, Anthony Brown, DeS, 116-09; 2, Jordan Styner, Aso, 116-01; 3, Dylan Schmick, SJ-E, 113-02.50.

POLE VAULT - 1, Jeff Kent, G-P, 9-00.


100 - 1, Casey Roosma, WWVA, 13.12; 2, Annie Leendertsen, G-P, 13.27; 3, Emma Akin, G-P, 13.49.

200 - Kelsey Simon, SJ-E, 28.13; 2, Casey Roosma, WWVA, 28.28; Annie Leendertsen, G-P, 28.38.

400 - 1, Annie Leendertsen, G-P, 1:05.35; 2, Jessica Arnzen, DeS, 1:06.57; 3, Moriah Trunkey, WWVA, 1:09.97.

800 - 1, Sigourney Gundy, Aso, 2:42.09; 2, Kaylea Newton, SJ-E, 2:49.02; 3, Cassie Thompson, G-P, 2:50.23.

1600 - 1, Sigourney Gundy, Aso, 5:55.16; 2, Laura Fowler, Aso, 5:56.68; 3, Kaylea Newton, SJ-E, 5:59.49.

3200 - 1, Sadie Johnson, Aso, 13:39.82; 2, Cassi Thompson, G-P, 14:31.57; 3, Sara Duffau, Aso, 14:38.51.

100 HURDLES - 1, Casey Roosma, WWVA, 17.66; 2, Brigit Lyons, DeS, 18.65; 3, Adrienne Hamilton, G-P, 20.70.

300 HURDLES - 1, Molly Bond,Aso, 51.68; 2, Brigit Lyons, DeS, 56.25; 3, Meghan Gfeller, SJ-E, 58.31.

4x200 RELAY - 1, Asotin (Shelby Barnes, Molly Bond, Hanna Edens, McKayla Swearingen), 1:56.87; 2, SJ-E (Della Fleming, Jessica Hardy, Kelsey Simon, Kaylea Newton), 1:58.02; 3, DeS (Amanda Arceo, Jessica Arnzen, Megan Moberg), 2:00.93.

4x100 RELAY - 1, SJ-E (Erin Bailey, Kelsey Simon, Della Fleming, Jessica Hardy), 55.70; 2, Aso (Shelby Barnes, Molly Bond, Hanna Edens, McKayla Swearingen), 55.95; 3, DeS (Amanda Arceo, Megan Moberg, Chloe Betts, Cheyenne Schoen), 59.58.

4x400 RELAY - 1, Aso (Molly Bond, Laura Fowler, Sigourney Gundy, Breanna Bonfield), 4:34.21; 2, DeS (Jessica Arnzen, Megan Moberg, Brigit Lyons, Jade Donnelly), 4:50.00.

LONG JUMP - 1, Jessica Hardy, SJ-E, 15-02; Shelby Barnes, Aso, 14-09.50; 3, Adrienne Hamilton, G-P, 13-11.

TRIPLE JUMP - Emma Akin, G-P, 30-06; 2, Shelby Barnes, Aso, 30-01.50; 3, Meghan Gfeller, SJ-E, 29-06.

HIGH JUMP - 1, Adirenne Hamilton, G-P, 4-06; 1, Annie Leendertsen, G-P, 4-06; 3, Jade Donnelly, DeS, 4-02.

SHOT PUT - 1, Kayle Loop, Aso, 33-11; 2, McKayla Swearingen, 29-11; 3, Jocelynn Rupp-Anliker, WWVA, 25-07.50.

JAVELIN - Roxana Acock, DeS, 92-01.50; 2, Kayla Loop, Aso, 91-00.50; 3, Della Fleming, SJ-E, 89-01.

DISCUS - 1, Kayla Loop, Aso, 112-05; 2, McKayla Swearingen, Aso, 90-09; 3, Dani Hall, DeS, 74-00. POLE VAULT - 1, Megan Moberg, DeS, 7-06.


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