$n$ Helix trades victories


HELIX - Umatilla's JV team swept the Helix varsity girls but was swept in return by the boys in a tennis match here Tuesday.

The girls lost to Helix 5-0. The boys won 9-0.

"We're doing some things better but we've got a long way to go," said head coach Wayne Miller. "The girls are doing some good things, but we're not putting it together yet."

The team travels to Pendleton today for another league game.


Umatilla 5, Helix 0

Singles - Susan Routson (Uma) def. Deidra Nitz (Hel) 8-2; Jenny Trautmann (Uma) def. Blythe Gabriel (Hel) 8-0; Holly Lougee (Uma) def. Jackee Hart (Hel) 8-1; Aygeoan Lee (Uma) def. Jackie Hart (Hel) 8-1.

Doubles - Analie Rubio-Muranda Cranston (Uma) def. Blythe Gabriel-Deidra Nitz 8-2.


Umatilla 0, Helix 9

Singles - Dakota Brown (Hel) def. Ozzie Meijia (Uma) 8-4; Tylor Bushman (Hel) def. Martin Rubio (Uma) 8-6; Grant McMurray (Hel) def. Christian Mendoza (Uma) 8-2; Benn Fordice (Hel) def. Jacob Lowrance (Uma) 8-5; Greg Papineau (Hel) def. David Ortiz (Uma) 8-4; Benn Fordice (Hel) def. Ozzie Meijia (Uma) 8-5.

Doubles - Tylor Bushman-Dakota Brown (Hel) def. Martin Rubio-Christian Mendoza (Uma) 8-6; Grant McMurray-Greg Papineau (Hel) def. David Ortiz-Jacob Lowrance 8-5.


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