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George Wolf, Milton-Freewater Rotary Club program chairman, spoke to the service group recently about his experiences as a longtime commercial pilot.

In service with Somali Airlines from 1963-64 took him into many small remote airfields in Africa delivering freight, reported fellow Rotarian Robby Robbins on March 23. It wasn't unusual to fly into one of the small airfields and have to make a low pass over the runway before they could land because often there were many animals there. Baboons seemed to like the flat runway as a place to sit, George said.

For 15 years he worked with Continental Airlines, flying the Pacific route from Australia to Hawaii. Those long over-water runs were routine most of the time but there were some events with weather, navigation equipment and aircraft problems along the way to keep them interesting.

From 1984-88 George flew the Airbus with Saudi Arabian Airlines.

During the ensuing 10-year tour, he flew with Japan Airlines, again on long over-water routes of the Far East.

"George told us he has flown over most of the countries in the world except South America and Antarctica. When asked about which he enjoyed most, he mentioned Japan, New Zealand and Micronesia without much hesitation," Robby said.

As George approached retirement, he and his wife moved into the Willamette Valley and started some farming operations. The big-city environment didn't appeal so they looked further east to their relatives in this area. They finally decided this was the place to settle down and they have a farm west of town.

For more information contact George at 503-710-0356.


Camp Fire USA received a $5,000 grant from Pacific Power Foundation. "Staff members were excited and felt very fortunate to be a recipient of the Foundation's generosity," said Felicia August with Camp Fire USA. Bill Clemens, regional community manager for Pacific Power and Light, came to Camp Fire's office and presented the check recently. Pacific Power Foundation has supported Camp Fire USA programs for several years, helping to increase the youth organization's impact on the community, Felicia said.

Nationally, Camp Fire USA is celebrating its centennial this year, and locally the organization has been serving children since the early 1900s.

Camp Fire USA currently serves Walla Walla's six elementary schools during after-school hours and operates an outdoor recreational day camp all summer in Wildwood Park. Registration for the summer program begins May 3.

Last year Camp Fire USA served nearly 300 children.

For more details, call 509-525-3180.

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