LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - A view from the D.C. ‘Twilight Zone?'


How thoughtful of David A. Schmaltz to let all of us in Walla Walla know how wonderful his new life is "just beneath the Beltway."

Schmaltz wrote quite a letter detailing his admiration for Barack Obama and the kowtowing Congress. It sounds to me as if Schmaltz has entered the Washington, D.C., "Twilight Zone!"

Being close to the action in Washington, D.C., sure hasn't improved Mr. Schmaltz's insight! He says Barack Obama is "a hugely popular president actually doing the people's work."

Cue the "Twilight Zone" music! Barack Obama is self-serving and arrogant! In his short time as president, he's taken America to a place that may be a place of no return.

Obama cares nothing about the American people. Yes, he coddles those who agree with his reckless, dangerous policies, but the day is coming when the Obama fans will find their adoration has been dangerously misdirected.

Schmaltz praises the members of Congress, claiming they're "doing exactly what they were elected to do." Cue the "Twilight Zone" music!

The Congress is full of those who, like Obama, are self-serving and arrogant! They've forgotten, or never cared in the first place, they were elected to represent the people!

Congress doesn't listen to the American people, and it is smugly indifferent to what Americans think! Just like Obama, Congress "invites" participation by sometimes letting those who disagree enter the room, only to make it clear the oh-so-intelligent minds in power have no interest in opposing opinions.

Whenever someone praises Obama and Congress, be assured that ridicule for those who disagree will follow. Schmaltz proudly carries the ridicule banner. He patronizes those who speak out, labeling them "the minority."

He describes as "puny" the peaceful demonstrations by thousands and thousands of concerned citizens. He says, "they make a lot of noise, just as any vulnerable being masks their weakness with volume."

The truly weak are those who use deceit and back room deals to get their way. They justify themselves by blaming others. They're scared to death of truth!

Schmaltz says his life "has taken some unexpected turns."

He's seen nothing yet. No, let me correct that. I think Mr. Schmaltz has seen a lot. He just isn't paying attention to what it really means!

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla


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