LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Where was local tea party coverage?


Last Friday I was very disappointed in your paper, because Thursday there had been a tea party rally in front of the Walla Walla County Courthouse. I would have gone but was unable to. But a friend of mine did attend. Her comment afterward was it was just awesome.

So I was anxious to get my Friday paper to read all about it. But Friday all you had was two pictures with 10 small lines of type telling you to turn to page A9. There was a small article about the tea party rallies in Seattle and Olympia but nothing about the one in Walla Walla.

I've always heard your paper was very liberal, but I always felt you told both sides of the story. But this time I didn't.

You might disagree about the tea parties and that is your right, but isn't the newspaper supposed to give you the news of the day?

And that tea party was definitely news of the day.

Remember not all your readers are liberals, some of them are conservatives. So from now on please try to show both sides. You might find you'd have more readers.

Jean Trudgeon


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