LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Federal government money is free?


The Palouse Street bridge article April 16 caused me much consternation (dismay).

According to this article, City Manager Nabiel Shawa said contractor Apollo, could be liable for up to $88,000 in penalties, but even if the city did go through with fining Apollo it wouldn't get any of the money because the project is federally funded.

This begs the question: Doesn't the federal agency granting give a rip?

Somebody either thinks federal money grows on trees, or it doesn't cost Walla Walla anything, or if we sent it back the feds wouldn't know how to use it.

To quote Obama, "You'd think they would appreciate it." His quote in regards to the health-care bill saving us money.

Common sense would tell us to let the free market work out the details of the contract and conserve the borrowed federal dollars our grandchildren and generations to come will ever hope to repay.

Don Rosenbaum
College Place


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