Wa-Hi garners Big Nine track wins

The Blue Devil boys and girls both edge Richland at Fran Rish Stadium Thursday.


RICHLAND - Wa-Hi tracksters came home at the top of a Big Nine Cascade Division track meet here Thursday.

Blue Devil boys and girls both triumphed over second-place Richland at Fran Rish Stadium.

"It's always so nice to get a win at Richland," Wa-Hi head track coach Eric Hisaw said. "We were just awesome today."

Many Wa-Hi athletes had personal bests in addition to winning their events, Hisaw said.

"This was our best meet of the year, by far," he said. "We were sensational. We competed and clawed and scratched and willed our way to victory."

West Valley came in third and Davis was fourth.

Wa-Hi sprinter Austin Schilling set the tone for the Blue Devils, Hisaw said.

"He was running down or holding off other teams in the last three to five meters of three different races," Hisaw said.

Schilling finished third in the 100 meters in 11.92, ran on the second-place 4x100 team and had a personal record of 53.42 in the 400 for fourth place. He finished second in the 200, behind teammate Garrett Gerling's 22.59.

"The kids rallied behind that and started to do the same thing," Hisaw said.

League-leader Gerling also had a good day.

"Garrett was, again, really, really solid for us," Hisaw said.

Gerling won the 110 hurdles in 14.94 and 300 hurdles in 39.04, in addition to his 200-dash victory.

Sawyer Neiffer finished third in the 300 hurdles in 42.48 and Tim McEuen third in the 110 hurdles in 16.09.

"Those two really rose up today and they proved they belong in the league's elite," Hisaw said. "It was a great day."

Distance runners also posted solid times.

J.P. Wolpert placed second in the 800 at 2:03.63 and first in the 1600 in 4:30.92. Aaron Nelson placed second in the 1600 in 4:34.73. Austin Morgan came in third in the 1600 in 4:37.82.

"They dominated and were in complete control the entire race," Hisaw said. "They ran like a pack of wolves and just ate the track up. It was really cool to see them control every aspect of the race, and then JP just took off to win it."

Wolpert (2:03.63) and Kyle Jameson (2:04.25) finished second and third in the 800. Morgan finished second in the 3200 in 10:07.95, a personal best by 16 seconds.

Wa-Hi athletes also posted solid scores in field events.

Jake Robertson (40 feet, 9 inches) and Alex Ceron (40-3.5) placed first and second in the triple jump.

"They both feed off each other and do not like to lose," Hisaw said. "It was neat to see them one-up the other during the day and bring the intensity up at the pit. They did a super job."

McEuen and Jake Robertson tied for second in the high jump at 5-10.

"Tim is ready for a breakout meet," Hisaw said. "He's really competing well for us."

Ryan Harmon went 11-6 and Peter Sirmon 11-0 in the pole vault, personal records for both. Brandon Porter won the javelin at 198-7, enough to place him at third in the Wa-Hi record books.

"He had an unbelievable day," Hisaw said. All of his throws were over 190, he said.

"He finally got everything done correctly at the right time and the javelin just took off. ... It really puts him in some elite company right now, and he'll have the chance to improve on this as the season goes on."

Freshman Logan Reardon threw 137 in the javelin.

"He's going to be big-time for us as he gets older," Hisaw said.

John Nibler had a personal record in the discus of 116 feet.

For the girls, it was the first time they'd beaten Richland in years.

"We beat Richland for the first time in six years, and did it at their place!" Hisaw said.

Wa-Hi won two relay events, triumphing over Richland.

"We had to win them both to win the meet," Hisaw said. "Our team lined the home stretch and was a great support for the girls. The kids flat-out refused to lose. It was a really neat thing to see."

The second-place 4x200 relay team was Sarai Seekamp, Rachel Adkins, Janice Barlow and Brittany Gibbar, finishing in 1:51.33. The 4x400 team was Ashley Cornia, Maggie Callan, Dominique Cox and Kailee Davisson, in 4:08.06.

The girls placed second in the 4x100 relay in 51.39. The team was McKhayla Morris, Adkins, Davisson and Seekamp.

In distance results, Rachel Nelson won the 1600in 5:16.7, by five one-hundredths of a second over a Davis competitor.

"She was so tough mentally and refused to go away," Hisaw said. "She battled with the lead group and decided she was just going to be tougher than everyone else."

Gabby Anderson placed second in the 100 hurdles in 16.63.

"It was especially neat to see Gabby do so well and respond to a big race like this," Hisaw said.

Adkins placed second in the 100 in 13.68 despite a head wind, Hisaw said. She also won the triple jump with a personal record of 33-6.

"Rachel is really starting to become a person to be reckoned with," Hisaw said.

Barlow went 10 feet in the pole vault for a new personal record.

Throwers also had solid scores.

Leslie Prendiville placed second at 32-7.5, in her first year on track.

Madison Nelson threw 31-7, a new personal record by three feet.

Sydney Christensen won discus with a throw of 101 feet. Wa-Hi athletes Nylah Hold, Megan Thompson and Allyssa Barnett all rounded out the top five.

"All of the girls had outstanding days and stepped up when we needed them," Hisaw said.

Jamie Weisner won in the javelin, throwing 131-2.

"That's a big-time throw for a sophomore, and it puts her in the top four in our region," Hisaw said.

Overall, it was a solid meet, he said.

"We're really starting to come on in these meets right now," Hisaw said. "The kids are hungry, competitive and their desire to excel is outstanding.

"It's so neat to see the guys' team cheering for the girls, and vice versa," he continued. "This is truly one team right now, and everyone is pulling for each other, coaching each other and helping one another. It's a special group of kids and they are going to move mountains (this season)."


100 meter - 1, Anthony Corbay (Dav) 11.86; 2, Tyler Powell (Rich) 11.87; 3, Austin Schilling (WW) 11.92. 200 - 1, Garrett Gerling (WW) 22.59; 2, Anthony Corbay (Dav) 23.26; 3, Tyler Powell (Rish) 23.3. 400 - 1, Tyler Bowers (Rich) 51.81; 2, Austin Schilling, 53.42; 3, Tylor McDowell (WV) 54.07. 800 - 1, Nathan Schweiger (Rich) 2:00.93; 2, JP Wolpert (WW) 2:03.63; 3, Kyle Jameson, 2:04.25. 1600 - 1, JP Wolpert (WW) 4:30.92; 2, Aaron Nelson (WW), 4:34.73; 3, Austin Morgan (WW) 4:37.82. 3200 - 1, Aaron Nelson (WW) 9:56.8; 2, Austin Morgan (WW) 10:07.95; 3, Alberto Melchor (Dav) 10:08.04.

110 hurdles - 1, Garrett Gerling (WW) 14.94; 2, Travis Kafentzis (Rich) 15.72; 3, Tim McEuen (WW) 16.09. 300H - 1, Garrett Gerling (WW) 39.04; 2, Travis Kafentzis (Rich) 42.31; 3, Sawyer Neiffer (WW) 42.48.

4x100 - 1, Davis (A. Corbay, J. Lopez, A. Wagner, A. Garcia) 44.69; 2, Walla Walla (A. Ceron, G. Gerling, S. Neiffer, A. Schilling), 44.71; 3, Richland (G. Reynolds, C. Casilla, T. Powell, D. Rhea). 4x400 - 1, Richland, 3:35.36; 2, Walla Walla, 3:45.2, 3, West Valley, 3:50.98.

Shot Put - 1, Christ Pitman (Rich) 50-07.5; 2, Brandon Porter (WW) 47-03.5; 3, Dennis Christensen (Rich) 45-09.5. Discus - 1, C. Pitman (Rich) 137-06; 2, J. Payne (Rich) 116-07; 3, John Nibler (WW) 116-07. Jav - 1, Brandon Porter (WW) 198-07; 2, Jake Robertson (WW) 147-00; 3, Joe Payne (Rich) 146-10. High jump - 1, Travis Kafentzis (Rich) 6-03; 2, T. McEuen, 5-10; 2, Jake Robertson (WW), 5-10. Pole vault - 1, Marcus Shooley (Dav) 14-0; 2, Michael Martinez (Dav) 13-00; 3, Ryan Harmon (WW) 11-06. Long jump - 1, Anthony Corbay (Dav) 20-02.5; 2, Troy Zuroske (Rish) 20-00; 3, Jonah Hoe (WW) 19-04.5. Triple jump - 1, Jake Robertson (WW) 40-09.00; 2, Alex Ceron (WW) 40-03.5; 3, Kevin Blair (WV) 38-01.5.


100 meter - 1, Chantel Jaeger (WV) 13.5; 2, Rachel Adkins (WW) 13.68; 3, Haley Curtis (WV) 13.77. 200 - 1, C. Jaeger (WV) 25.07; 2, Martha Sanford (Rich) 26.42; 3, Ashley Packard (WV) 27.21. 400 - 1, Lindsay Burns (WV) 58.0; 2, Shanice Lakes (Rich) 1:02.39; 3, A. Packard (WV) 1:02.64. 800 - 1, Katie Mahoney (Rich) 2:22.41; 2, Kaitlin Kaluzny (Dav) 2:27.32; 3, Kailee Davisson (WW) 2:27.47. 1600 - 1, Rachel Nelson (WW) 5:16.7; 2, K. Kaluzny (Dav) 5:16.75; 3, Audrey Urlacher (WV) 5:17,76. 3200 - 1, A. Urlacher (WV) 11:53.74; 2, Rachel Nelson (WW) 12:04.47; 3, Emily Hazen (Rich) 12:05.86.

100m Hurdles - 1, Martha Sanford (Rich), 16.40; 2, Gabby Anderson (WW) 16.63; 3) Jamie Weisner (WW) 16.74. 300H - 1, M. Sanford (Rich) 46.51; 2, H. Curtis (WV), 46.78; 3, J. Weisner (WW) 48.04.

4x100 - 1, West Valley (Mikele Cluff, Haley Curtis, Kelly Hausken, Chantel Jaeger), 50.77; 2, Walla Walla (McKhayla Morris, Rachel Adkins, Kailee Davisson, Sarai Seekamp), 51.39; 3, Richland (Megan Deen, Britney Pringle, Alyssa Powell, Chynna Dickey) 51.95. 4x200 - 1, West Valley (H. Curtis, C. Nell, L. Burns, DC. Jaeger) 1:43.91; 2, Walla Walla (R. Adkins, Janice Barlow, Dominique Cox, M. Morris), 1:51.33; 3, Davis (S. Buckley, S. Silvas, T. Bautista, J. Osegueda), 1:52.16. 4x400 - 1, West Valley (A. Packard, M. Cluff, C. Nell, L. Burns) 4:05.18; 2, Walla Walla (M. Callan, A. Cornia, S. Seekamp, K. Davisson) 4:08.06; 3, Richland (S. Lakes, M. Jones, R. Shanley, A. Croskrey), 4:13.04.

Shot put - 1, Zee Houston (Dav) 33-00.5; 2, Leslie Prendville (WW) 32-07.5; 3, Sydney Christensen (WW) 31-11.5. Discus - 1, S. Christensen (WW), 101-00; 2, Victoria Stevens (Rich) 99-02; 3, Nylah Hold (WW) 92-00. Jav - 1, Jamie Weisner (WW) 131-02; 2, V. Stevens (Rich), 100-00; 3, Jaime Novack (Rich) 97-06. High jump - 1, E. Quick (Rich) 5-04; 2, J. Parnell (Rich) 4-08; 3, C. Manning (Rich) 4-08. Pole Vault - 1, J. Chen (Rich) 10-00; 1, E. Quick (Rich) 10-00; 3, Janie Barlow (WW) 10-00. Long jump - 1, J. Weisner (WW) 16-2; 2, Linsday Burns (WV) 15-09; 3, Aryssa Brantner (WV) 14-07. Triple jump - 1, R. Adkins (WW) 33-06; 2, Madeline Jacobsen (WW) 31-05.5; 3, Karla Martinez (Dav), 31-03.


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