Commitment 2 Community announces plans to improve Walla Walla park

Work on the community path, dance area and shelters may begin in September.



Participants in Commitment 2 Community's Children's Day at Washington Park look over the community plans to revitalize the park through the Pomegranate Center.

WALLA WALLA - Commitment 2 Community announced Saturday it will oversee what could eventually be a $200,000 improvement to Washington Park, including the addition of a walking path, several covered shelters and a community dance floor.

The project is being organized by C2C and the Pomegranate Center, and funded by the city of Walla Walla Parks and Recreation Department, the Donald and Virginia Sherwood Trust and the Pomegranate Center.

"A lot of the community members we spoke with said they really like to dance. So this would create a dance floor for celebrations and community events," Pomegranate Center Executive Director Milenko Matanovic said, while standing by a miniature display of what the new park will look like at the El Da de los Nios celebration at Washington Park on Saturday.

The project's goal is not only to build a place for neighbors to recreate, but to also give neighbors a sense of ownership for a park they would more regularly use, and hopefully reduce crime and gang activity in the area because locals would be more vested in their surroundings.

"There are a lot of people in the Latino culture who yearn for these types of places, these gregarious place," Matanovic said.

Construction on the community path, dance area and covered shelters is expected to begin in September.


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