34th Blue Mountain Sports Awards slated May 19

Nominees from high schools and colleges in the U-B's circulation are part of the evening.


WALLA WALLA - The 34th annual Blue Mountain Sports Awards ceremony has been scheduled for May 19 at the Walla Walla Elks Lodge, with festivities scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

The event is free of charge and open to the public.

The sports awards are held annually in conjunction with the Blue Mountain Youth Recognition Evening.

Sports awards will be presented in five categories: Male Athlete of the Year, Female Athlete of the Year, Scholar-Athlete of the Year, Coach of the Year and Team of the Year. In addition, each high school in the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin circulation area nominates one student who is honored for his or her scholastic accomplishments plus leadership and citizenship skills.

The Union-Bulletin and Baker Boyer Bank are co-sponsors of the event.

The U-B circulation area includes 13 high schools - Wa-Hi, DeSales, Walla Walla Valley Academy, Mac-Hi, Touchet, Prescott, Waitsburg, Dayton, Pomeroy, Burbank, Weston-McEwen, Helix and Nixyaawii - plus three colleges - Whitman College, Walla Walla University and Walla Walla Community College - which are also under consideration for the five sports awards.

A selection panel, which includes a representative from each school in the area, considers an original field of nominations that has been compiled by the U-B sports staff. The panel first votes to narrow each of the five sports awards categories to a list of finalists, then votes a second time to determine the winners.

Last year's winners were Tye Knebel of Pomeroy, Male Athlete of the Year; Kelsey Warren of Dayton, Female Athlete of the Year; Noel Griggs of Weston-McEwen, Scholar-Athlete of the Year; Chad Bodnar of WWCC, Coach of the Year; and Bodnar's WWCC men's soccer team, Team of the Year.

This year the selection panel will consider 168 nominees in the boys category, 114 girls, 38, scholar-athletes, 68 coaches and 65 teams.

Here are the lists of nominees as compiled by the U-B sports staff:

BMSA nominees


Marco Acevedo, WWCC soccer; Zac Alexenco, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Justin Aldridge, Pomeroy wrestling; Justin Armstrong, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Ricky Angel, Mac-Hi tennis; Justin Atchley, Pomeroy wrestling; Rawley Backstrom, Pomeroy wrestling; Chris Bailey, Whitman tennis; Morgan Baker, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Brian Barton, Whitman golf; Will Bergstrom, Wa-Hi swimming; Garrett Bickelhaupt, Dayton baseball; Justin Bingman, Pomeroy track and football; Kramer Blanc, DeSales golf; Andrew Bloom, Wa-Hi track.

Klyntin Bott, Pomeroy football and wrestling; Kendall Brown, Mac-Hi track; Zac Brown, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Ryan Bullock, Mac-Hi wrestling; Merrick Calder, Wa-Hi swimming; Francisco Carvajal, Mac-Hi soccer; Nick Carpenter, Waitsburg-Prescott track and cross country; Jesse Castro, WWCC baseball; Jonathan Clem, Wa-Hi swimming; Christiqan Corona, Mac-Hi soccer; Kevin Curnutt, Pomeroy track; Seth Deal, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Jose Esparza, Mac-Hi cross country; Brady Espinoza, WWCC soccer.

Eric Eastman, Wa-Hi football and wrestling; Aaron Flippo, Wa-Hi football; Oscar Flores, Mac-Hi soccer; Chandler Fortune, Mac-Hi wrestling; Austin Garrett, Wa-Hi swimming; Blake Gerling, Wa-Hi cross country; Garrett Gerling, Wa-Hi track; Luken Gerke, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Drew Greenwalt, Weston-McEwen, football; Pablo Grimaldi, Mac-Hi wrestling; Tuff Goble, Touchet baseball; Ryan Goude, Wa-Hi golf; Tommy Gregg, DeSales baseball and football; Nick Gutzwiler, WWCC rodeo.

Matt Hair, Mac-Hi golf; Michael Hanson, Walla Walla Valley Academy track and basketball; Ryan Harmon, Wa-Hi wrestling; Bruyce Hayunga, DeSales track; Corban Hegdal, Weston-McEwen track; Craig Heitstuman, Pomeroy wrestling; Greg Heller, Wa-Hi cross country; Dain Henderson, Dayton golf; Emery Henning, WWCC basketball; Angel Hernandez, Wa-Hi soccer; Jake Hodenfield, Touchet football and basketball; T.J. Hofer, Waitsburg-Prescott track; John Hockersmith, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Ryan James, Wa-Hi football; Wyatt Jenkins, Pomeroy wrestling; Matt Kates, Touchet basketball.

Ben Kiefel, Waitsburg-Prescott track and basketball; Nick Klicker, DeSales baseball; Tyler King, Pomeroy wrestling; Ryan Koberstein, Pomeroy golf; Trevor Koberstein, Pomeroy golf; Tye Knebel, Pomeroy track and wrestling; Ben Konen, DeSales football and golf; Kyle Konen, DeSales golf; Brandon Kralman, Mac-Hi wrestling; Brett Lambert, Dayton baseball; Wyatt Law, Mac-Hi wrestling; James Lehr, Waitsburg-Prescott track and football; Blake Lewis, Wa-Hi cross country; Kyle Lindgren, DeSales football.

John Lonai, Mac-Hi cross country; Trevor Lott, Burbank basketball; Miles Lytle, Dayton golf; Morgan Maddess, Wa-Hi football; Gerald Maib, Wai-His wrestling; Phillip Marker, Mac-Hi track; Anthony Martinez, Mac-Hi tennis; Jeremiah Mason, Wa-Hi cross country; Ryan Mason, Waitsburg-Prescott baseball; Victor Mata, DeSales football and baseball; Chance McDaniels, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Ethan McGee, Pomeroy football and wrestling; Joel Meyers, Pomeroy golf; Matthew Montgomery, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Michael Montgomery, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Otis Montgomeroy, Waitsburg-Prescott track.

Connor Moore, WWCC baseball; Jacob Moore, Pomeroy wrestling; Austin Morgan, Wa-Hi cross country; Etienna Moshevich, Whitman tennis; Joel Myers, Pomeroy golf; Aaron Nelson, Wa-Hi cross country; Jordan Ness, Wa-Hi track; Sean Newcomb, Wa-Hi cross country; Mike Noreen, WWCC golf; John Notturno, DeSales track; Chinonsa Opara, Walla Walla Valley Academy track; Joey Paez, Mac-Hi wrestling; Joey Pagan, WWCC soccer; Angel Palacios, Mac-Hi football and wrestling; Bo Patzke, WWCC rodeo; Steven Peebles, WWCC rodeo.

Victor Perez, Mac-Hi wrestling; Justin Piek, Wa-Hi track; Brandon Porter, Wa-Hi track; Greg Prins, Wa-Hi golf; Mikey Ramos, WWCC soccer; Ryan Rea, DeSales football; Dallas Reich, Weston-McEwen football and basketball; Drew Reinland, Wa-Hi golf; Austin Reisdorph, Pomeroy wrestling; Tyler Reisdorph, Pomeroy track and wrestling; Pat Richard, DeSales baseball, football and basketball; Ryan Richardson, WWCC baseball;Alec Rodighiero Mac-Hi golf.

Jimmy Roeder, Mac-Hi golf; Ryan Roulston, Weston-McEwen track; Eric Royo, Mac-Hi wrestling; Justin Ruark, Pomeroy basketball; Josh Rutherford, Mac-Hi wrestling; Lupito Salazar, Mac-Hi soccer; Francisco Saldano, Mac-Hi football and wrestling; Jesse Sargent, Mac-Hi wrestling; Austin Schilling, Wa-Hi track; Neal Schuck, Burbank baseball; Pat Sharkey, DeSales football; Lucas Simpson, Mac-Hi cross country; Patrick Sheets, Mac-Hi wrestling; Matt Slaybaugh, Pomeroy football and wrestling.

Jason Smith, WWCC basketball; Josh Smith, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Ryan Smith, Pomeroy wrestling; Nick Stanford, Mac-Hi golf; Jonathan Stone, Mac-Hi golf; Zach Sumerlin, Wa-Hi football; Kroft Sunderland, Dayton football; Dustin Taylor, Wa-Hi wrestling; Kaleb Taylor, Mac-Hi track and cross country; Nick Tewalt, Pomeroy wrestling; Lawrence Timmons, Mac-Hi wrestling; Johnny Trevino, Mac-Hi soccer; Garrett Turner, Dayton baskebtall; Matt Tucker, DeSales baseball.

Tyler Wahl, DeSales football; Robby Wahl, Wa-Hi track; Jeff Warren, Pomeroy wrestling; Matt Watson, Wa-Hi football; Nick Watts, Wa-Hi football; Ryan Webb, WWCC rodeo; Ryan Webb, Weston-McEwen baseball; Michael Weisner, Wa-Hi basketball; Zach Werlinger, Burbabnk baseball; Richie Westphal, DeSales baseball; Marco Wikman, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Sean Williams, DeSales golf; Gary Winston, Wa-Hi football and basketball; Dan Wilson, Whitman tennis.

Wyatt Withers, Waitsburg-Prescott track and basketball; Keith Woelber, WWCC baseball; Scott Wolf, Pomeroy wrestling; JP Wolpert, Wa-Hi cross country; Dave Wood, WWCC rodeo; Matt Wujek, DeSales baseball; Mike Wymore, Pomeroy wrestling; Jace Zuger, Waitsburg-Prescott track and football.


Ana Andrade, Wa-Hi track; Jaclyn Archer, Walla Walla Valley Academy track; Alicia Baker, Wa-Hi basketball; Kristen Ballinger, Whitman cross country; Michelle Barker, Dayton softball; Janice Bartlow, Wa-Hi track; Renee Baumann, Weston-McEwen volleyball; Payton Baxter, Wa-Hi track; Morgan Beckman, Waitsburg-Prescott softball; Isabel Benito, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Belen Betancourt, Mac-Hi soccer; Alexis Bobadilla, Wa-Hi softball; Kindsey Bott, Pomeroy track and volleyball; Taelor Braun, Pomeroy track; Victoria Buell, Walla Walla Valley Academy basketball; Sierra Burchell, Mac-Hi cross country and basketball.

Emma Burgess, Wa-Hi cross country; Erica Burmood, Wa-Hi swimming; Abby Chapman, Dayton golf; Emily Childers, Mac-Hi track, cross country and soccer; Kelsey Childers, Mac-Hi track; Ashley Coila, Waitsburg-Prescott softball; Yasmeen Colis, Whitman cross country; Erica Contreras, Burbank track; Michelle Corcoran, Whitman cross country; Jordan Crossley, WWCC rodeo; Abby Crowley, Wa-Hi swimming; Faith Davis, Burbank track; Kailee Davvison, Wa-Hi track; Kayla Dedloff, Dayton volleyball and basketball.

Chantel DeWitt, Weston-McEwen softball; Kelsi Didion, WWCC softball; Kelsey Dorman, Touchet softball; Caitlin Duncan, DeSales volleyball and basketball; Mica Epifanio, Mac-Hi track; Annie Erickson, Wa-Hi swimming; Kortney Fisher, WWCC rodeo; Courtney Frazier, WWCC rodeo; Haley Freske, Weston-McEwen softball; Corina Gabbert, Whitman soccer; Maya Garcia, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Kindall Gehrett, Wa-Hi tennis; Chyanne Hack, Helix volleyball and basketball; Kelsey Hasenbank, Weston-McEwen softball; Breille Hocking, Pomeroy track.

Mindy Hodgson, Dayton softball; Kathleen Hopkins, Mac-Hi cross country; Nadene Huellenhuetter, Pomeroy track; Jessica Hutton, Wa-Hi swimming; Tiffany Idler, Burbank basketball; Kati Isham, WWCC basketball; Cheyanne Goodsel, Burbank track; Hope Klicker, Wa-Hi softball; HayLee Koller, Pomeroy basketball; Laura Jacobson, Walla Walla Valley Academy track; Nancy Johnson, WWCC basketball; Tabitha Jones, Wa-Hi swimming; Tori Jones, Wa-Hi swimming; Megan Lathrop, Helix track; Sara Lepape, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country.

Natalie Leyland, WWCC softball; Kati Lucas, WWCC soccer; Michelle Lyons, WWCC rodeo; McKenzie Marchbanks, WWCC softball; Lauren McCaw, DeSales track; Sara McCune, Whitman cross country; Jill McDaniels, Wa-Hi softball; Erin Mertens, DeSales softball; Lyndsey Minnich, WWCC softball; Lena Miraglio, WWCC soccer; Denali Molitor, Wa-Hi cross country; McKhayla Morris, Wa-Hi track; Ellie Muza, Mac-Hi track; Rachel Nelson, Wa-Hi cross country; Beth Notturno, DeSales track; Tahilo O'Laughlin, WWCC soccer.

Heather O'Moore, Whitman cross country; Elise Otto, Whitman tennis; Kellisa Owens, Dayton track; Presley Pahl, Weston-McEwen volleyball; Marriah Paxton, Burbank track; Molly Payne, Dayton golf; Genesis Pearson, Waitsburg-Prescott volleyball and basketball; Presley Peck, Wa-Hi tennis; Christy Poirier, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Sydney Porter, Weston-McEwen softball; Maryalice Potolicchio, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Kriston Potter, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Anna Reid, Wa-Hi swimming; Nicole Roberts, Burbank basketball; Andrea Roeder, Mac-Hi track, basketball and soccer; Kylee Rogers, Helix volleyball and basketball.

Adrianna Rodriguez, Wa-Hi track; Ana Rodriguez, Burbank track; Kenna Ross, Wa-Hi track; Becky Ryerse, WWCC soccer; Oshana Sampson, Weston-McEwen softball; Lauren Sams, Mac-Hi softball; Megan Schroeder, Helix volleyball, basketball and track; Jordan Simkins, WWCC soccer; Linda Solis, Touchet softball; Britney Smith, Helix volleyball and track; Marinda Talley, Helix track; Caylyn Tate, Dayton golf; Addie Terjeson, Helix volleyball and basketball and Weston-McEwen softball; Nichole Thompson, Helix track; Kayla Turner, Dayton softball.

Lynnette Ungerecht, DeSales softball; Amanda Weis, Waitsburg-Prescott basketball; Zoe Weaver, Touchet sotball, volleyball and basketball; Jamie Weisner, Wa-Hi basketball and track; Hilary White, Whitman basketball; Leslie Williams, Pomeroy track; Nichole Zeller, Weston-McEwen track.


Rachael Adkins, Wa-Hi; Renee Baumann, Weston McEwen; Leona Benoist, Nixyaawii; Klyntin Bott, Pomeroy; Kendall Brown, Mac-Hi; Victoria Buell, Walla Walla Valley Academy; Marshall Byerley, Touchet; Isaiah Case, Nixyaawii; Emily Childers, Mac-Hi; Ryley Croghan, Mac-Hi.

Caitlin Duncan, DeSales; Micaela Epifanio, Mac-Hi; Christoph Fuchs, Whitman College; Corina Gabbert, Whitman College; Garrett Gerling, Wa-Hi; Andrew Glaeser, Wa-Hi; Chyanne Hack, Helix; Michael Hanson, Walla Walla Valley Academy; Dain Henderson, Dayton; Emery Henning, Walla Walla Community College.

Tiffany Idler, Columbia-Burbank; Nancy Johnson, Walla Walla Community College; James Lehr, Waitsburg-Prescott; Jonny Long, Walla Walla University; Heather McFadden, Walla Walla University; Chelsey Minthorn, Nixyaawii; Angel Palacios, Mac-Hi; Presley Pahl, Weston McEwen; Molly Payne, Dayton; Elizabeth Pedroza, Touchet; Kanisha Perry, Nixyaawii.

Vicki Reardon, Wa-Hi; Andrea Roeder, Mac-Hi; Meghan Schroeder, Helix; Shawn Simpson, Nixyaawii; Addie Terjeson, Helix; Tyler Wahl, DeSales; Amanda Weis, Waitsburg-Prescott


Burbank boys basketball; Burbank girls basketball; Dayton baseball; Dayton girls basketball; Dayton softball; Dayton volleyball; DeSales baseball; DeSales boys basketball; DeSales girls basketball; DeSales football; DeSales softball; DeSales volleyball; Helix girls basketball; Helix volleyball; DeSales volleyball; Mac-Hi boys golf; Mac-Hi boys soccer; Mac-Hi girls soccer; Mac-Hi softball; Mac-Hi wrestling; Nixyaawii boys basketball; Nixyaawii girls basketball; Pomeroy boys golf; Pomeroy girls basketball; Pomeroy volleyball.

Pomeroy wrestling; Touchet baseball; Touchet boys basketball; Touchet football; Touchet girls basketball; Touchet softball; Touchet volleyball; Wa-Hi baseball; Wa-Hi boys basketball; Wa-Hi boys golf; Wa-Hi boys soccer; Wa-Hi boys track; Wa-Hi football; Wa-Hi girls basketball; Wa-Hi softball; Wa-Hi volleyball; Waitsburg-Prescott baseball; Waitsburg-Prescott boys basketball; Waitsburg-Prescott boys cross country; Waitsburg-Prescott boys track; Waitsburg-Prescott football; Waitsburg-Prescott girls basketball; Waitsburg-Prescott girls cross country; Waitsburg-Prescott softball; Waitsburg-Prescott volleyball.

Walla Walla University men's basketball; Walla Walla University volleyball; Walla Walla Valley Academy boys basketball; Weston-McEwen boys basketball; Weston-McEwen softball; Weston-McEwen volleyball; Whitman College men's tennis; Whitman College women's cross country; WWCC men's basketball; WWCC men's rodeo; WWCC men's soccer; WWCC softball; WWCC women's basketball; WWCC women's rodeo; WWCC women's soccer.


Jerry Baker, Waitsburg-Prescott girls basketball; Jeff Bartlow, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Buster Barton, WWCC men's and women's rodeo; Sal Benavides, Dayton baseball; Lori Blanc, DeSales volleyball; Chad Bodnar, WWCC men's and women's soccer; Jessie Buehler, Waitsburg-Prescott volleyball; Ryan Carter, Wa-Hi baseball; Kim Cox, DeSales baseball; Beau Chester, Mac-Hi wrestling; Nicole Christian, Mac-Hi softball; Audra Cummings, Wa-Hi volleyball; Brad Daly, Wa-Hi boys and girls swimming; Wayne Dickey, Touchet baseball.

Gary Dorman, Touchet football and softball; Tim Duncan, DeSales girls basketball; Malcolm Dunn, Whitman College women's cross country; Elizabeth Ellis, Mac-Hi boys golf; Dean Fouquette, Helix girls basketball; Jose Garcia, Mac-Hi boys soccer; Mike Giusti, DeSales boys basketball; John Golden, Wa-Hi boys basketball; Pat Graham, DeSales football; Jim Greene, Pomeroy boys golf; Jeff Griggs, Weston-McEwen softball; Bobbi Hazeltine, WWCC women's basketball; Don Hepker, Walla Walla University volleyball; Eric Hisaw, Wa-Hi girls track.

Scott Hudson, Dayton girls basketball; Jerry Humphreys, Wa-Hi softball; Ron Huntington, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Joanna Lanning, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Gerry Larson, Walla Walla University men's basketball; Mike Locati, Wa-Hi cross country; Jeremy Maddern, Nixyaawii girls basketball; Martin Martinez, Mac-Hi girls soccer; Pete McClure, Whitman College men's golf; Mike McGhan, Dayton golf; Tim McKeown, Touchet boys basketball; Mel McWhorter, Waitsburg-Prescott baseball; Jill Meliah, Wa-Hi girls basketball.

Mike Michels, DeSales track; John Milleson, Mac-Hi track and cross country; Loren Monaco, Weston-McEwen track; John Muchlinski, Burbank girls basketball; Randy Mulrony, Pomeroy wrestling; Aaron Noisey, Nixyaawii boys basketball; Jeff Northam, Whitman College men's tennis; Lon Olson, DeSales golf; Tammie Parker, Helix volleyball; Stephanie Paulson, Touchet volleyball; Brian Pickard, Weston-McEwen boys basketball; Angie Potts, Waitsburg-Prescott volleyball; Scott Pumphrey, Touchet girls basketball.

Jeff Reinland, WWCC men's basketball; Terry Robins, Dayton softball; T.J. Scott, Waitsburg-Prescott boys basketball; Nettie Severs, Pomeroy girls basketball; Jim Smith, Wa-Hi boys golf; Dan Solis, Walla Walla Valley Academy track; Mike Staudenmaier, WWCC softball; John Stockton, Dayton track; D.J. Traver, Burbank boys basketball; Shannon Turner, Dayton volleyball; Russ Vera, DeSales softball; Mike Washington, Wa-Hi boys soccer; Harvey Wellington, Wa-Hi boys track; Shawn White, Weston-McEwen volleyball.


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