LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Bardsley creates Twilight Zone in Walla Walla


Apparently, neither David Schmaltz nor anyone else is entitled to an opinion if it differs from Roberta Bardsley's. Nor is one entitled to admire someone whom she does not admire. (Twilight Zone? Read on.)

She disagrees that Obama is a popular president. (He did win the election -- and legally I might add) and he does the people's work. (Not Corporate America's, as with Bush).

She said "he is self-serving and arrogant. He's taking America to a place of no return." (Think of Bush and cue the music?)

Next it is that Obama cares nothing about the American people, and he coddles those who agree with his reckless, dangerous policies, (Need I even say Bush?)

She criticizes Schmaltz for claiming Congress is doing what it is elected to do. I guess she is disappointed it is not doing what Big Business elected the previous administration to do.

I won't deny Congress is filled with self-serving and arrogant people, but to infer they are only Democrats needs a larger band to play Twilight Zone music than there is a venue to hold them.

So much can be said about the previous administration being "smugly indifferent to what Americans think" and making it clear they had "no interest in opposing opinions" that there is not enough room in this newspaper for it.

Bardsley accuses Schmaltz of carrying a "ridicule banner." I bow to her expertise here because if anyone knows about ridicule, it most certainly is she. Facts, not so much.

She denigrates Schmaltz's use of "puny" to describe demonstrations by thousands of concerned citizens. With 300 million citizens in America, that does make thousands sound puny.

She says "the truly weak are those who use deceit and back-room deals to get their way." Deceit? Think of Bush's (only one example of nefarious acts) and Dick Cheney's locked-door session with the energy industry leaders devising U.S. energy policies. Cheney refused to even say who was at that meeting. Cue the music

Did Ms. Bardsley ever say anything about the atrocities the Bush administration implemented? No, not once, but she does mention "justification by blaming others and lack of truth." Wow!

She says Mr. Schmaltz has seen a lot but he's not paying attention.

Cue the Twilight Zone All-Star Band. Roberta Bardsley is in the house.

Richard C. Hoffman
Walla Walla

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