LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Catholic Church will survive persecution


Not satisfied with vilifying the Catholic Church, anti-Catholics, intent on bringing down the church, now want to depose Pope Benedict XVI, a very holy, capable, sincere and loving person. His detractors, including some Catholics we are sad to say, are not hesitant to say the church does not need a director (a ridiculous position) but do not fail to give direction on how the church should run its affairs.

A recent blog posed the query, who would want to be a Catholic? The article continued to report the dissatisfaction of current members, all women who said they were going to leave the church due to the current strife caused by abuse and the alleged failure of the pope to adequately handle certain incidences of abuse.

Time, I am sure, will vindicate the pope. Those who lack the courage to withstand current persecution, we regret, should leave the church now. It has been under persecution for 2,000 years and, as predicted, will continue through the apocalypse. The severity of the persecution will increase. I hope I am not alive during the apocalypse. I doubt I will have the courage to withstand martyrdom.

To the query, "Who would want to be a Catholic?" Unhesitantly, I would.

Jesus Christ said: "On this rock I build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it" establishing authority, the shepherd. So, for over 2,000 years, through persecution after persecution after persecution, martyrdom after martyrdom and yes, scandal after scandal the gates of hell have not prevailed.

Our blessed Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, predicted the current status of the pope when she said if we do not correct our ways there will be another war and the pope will have much to suffer -- World War II, the shooting of Pope John Paul II and current persecution followed.

The Catholic Church stands alone as a bulwark for the truth in faith and morals. Le Monde accuses the church of being archaic. It would lead us down the path of the secular relativists who are leading the world, as it did other once great governments, into perdition.

There is no need to "bring the church up to date" truth is always modern.

In time, the current persecutors of the church will turn to dust and the Catholic Church will still be serving those with the courage to endure.

Ray Manuel
Walla Walla


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