LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Democrats march country toward Hitler's Germany


I rather doubt this will be printed, but here goes. I am totally appalled that a Navy SEAL doing his "job" is on trial in Baghdad for punching a terrorist.

This is a total disgrace for this country. I don't know about the rest of you veterans out there, but I am going to raise my voice to senators, representatives, etc., and let them know how much of a traitor they are to be allowing this to go on. What a travesty this is, that our American military is being put on trial for punching a terrorist.

Terrorists can run planes into our towers and kill over 3,000 people, but we cannot say Islamic terrorist anymore? But then why should this surprise you when Obama wants the rights read to terrorists.

This country, the one I served proudly for three years in the U.S. Navy -- along with my husband who served for eight years in the Navy Seabees -- am now ashamed of this country's leaders, discouraged because we are allowing the greatest nation on Earth to be destroyed by one person and his minions.

There is impeachment, but has anyone called for it? They are stomping on our Constitution, why do you think so many attorneys general are suing about health care? If Obama can force you to buy insurance or be fined, and have the IRS be able to just get into your accounts whenever it wants to enforce this health-care mess, then it soon will be able to force us to live where it wants, work at what it wants us to work at.

Look at Germany's history and see how Hitler came to power. Hope it scares you to death.

It can happen here. Obama and his Democrats demean anyone who speaks out against them. The majority of the American people did not want this health care, but they passed it anyway against our wishes.

Barb Dickerson

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