LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Obesity may gobble up ability to make war


While walking on the treadmill at the YMCA, I looked up to see the Cafferty File on CNN. Jack was his ironic, semi-angry self. This time because a recent study showed that "3/4 of our young people are too fat to fight."

Army recruiters e-mailed Jack to confirm this situation and decry the "slim pickings," as it were, facing them on the recruitment trail.

While walking on the treadmill at the YMCA, I realized America's most serious addiction is neither to sugar nor salt. America's most serious addiction is to war. Our leaders, Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives are all addicted.

There have been 5,410 Americans killed in our two current useless wars. Tens of thousands have been wounded. Approximately one million Iraqis have died since we invaded their country and more than that have been seriously injured.

As regards Iraq and Afghanistan, President Obama has simply been Bush III, having even doubled the number of troops in Afghanistan. Like Bush II, Obama has refused to sign the Landmine Ban Treaty and is now asking for an additional $33 billion to fund these wars. Is this the "audacity of hope" and "change" that we were led to expect?

Today we have roughly 1,000 military bases in 120 countries at a cost of $100 billion annually. We are to military bases what Starbucks is to coffee houses.

While walking on the treadmill at the YMCA, I knew we could achieve peace in our lifetime. Obesity is the road to peace. If we could fatten up that last one-quarter of America's youths, no one would be able to wage these absurd wars in our name.

Eat up, youths of America! Don't listen to the Food Police trying to restrict your freedom. Down those bacon-wrapped, super-sized monster cheeseburgers with an extra-gulp, 96-ounce Coke, and top it off with a bucket of popcorn soaked in coconut oil. Gorge yourselves and, for the first time in ages, we can become a nation at peace rather than at war. Now that would constitute real change!

Otherwise, like alcoholics who know their drinking will eventually kill them but who can always find "good reasons" to drink, our addicted leaders will keep us on a treacherous nuclear path that will lead to our mutually assured destruction.

Patrick Henry
Walla Walla


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