LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Send a message to both capitals


Reading the editors "Our Opinion" on Sunday prompted me to write.

Considering the question of whether the voters should vote out the incumbents even though they "bring home the bacon," I vote them out every time. I've been voting that way for 30 years and will continue do so.

Some may say I waste my vote, but this isn't a popularity contest. You are voting for who you think will do the best job. Neither party has any demonstrable difference outside their rhetoric. I have come to believe our government is the "best government money can buy" and both parties are exactly the same.

Remembering back to 1994 we voted out Tom Foley because we felt he was too much a part of the "old-boy" system, and we didn't care how he defeated a state referendum regarding term limits. We were right then and would be right now.

Some would say we cut off our own noses to spite our faces, but we did what we felt was right. Remember at that time the Republican Party's "Contract with America" had as one of its tenets a promise to vote for term limits. Well they did -- they just voted no! Was our state left out of the pork trough, probably for awhile. So what? We got it back. Washingtonians took the high road then and should now.

Now don't worry. Most likely Patty Murray will not lose her job, the Democrats will vote her back in. But, even still, if she loses she will get a nice cushy corporate job for all her years of service. Yes, I truly believe our elected representatives are bought and paid for. If you question my reasoning just research where they go after they are done serving (the corporations).

Let me make one thing clear, I do vote, every time. And, I have researched the voting patterns of the last presidential election. Here's what I found: Approximately 3.2 million voted in that election in this state. With 1.7 million for Obama and 1.2 million for McCain.

What this doesn't say is that approximately 1.7 million either didn't vote or bother to register. So I recommend we all register and all vote.

Let's send a message to the Washington capitals (both of them.) That we are here and we are paying attention.

Charles Cory Spencer
Walla Walla


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