LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Mark Franklin is right choice for Columbia County


Although only a part-time resident of Columbia County, I have had the good fortune to become acquainted with Mark Franklin, candidate for Columbia County sheriff.

Mark is a dedicated law enforcement officer with nearly a quarter century of broad law enforcement experience at both operational and supervisory levels. In addition to his experience, Mark has taken various professional law enforcement training including crime scene investigation training that provides him with a stronger educational background than the typical deputy sheriff.

I dare say he has undergone more extensive professional training than any other member of the Sheriff's Office. His experience and training, coupled with his knowledge and deep commitment to the community is amply demonstrated by his involvement in a wide variety of community activities far too numerous to mention and are strong indicators of his excellent qualifications.

From conversations with Mark, I learned of his plans to improve the professionalism, operations, efficiency and effectiveness of the Columbia County Sheriff's Office. Among other things, he will reinstate the K-9 program, a proven and highly effective and efficient law enforcement technique. He will encourage and provide for additional staff training within budgetary limitations. He will improve communication with and be fully responsive to the needs and concerns of the community he serves, and be receptive to new ideas and improvements.

All in all, I have been quite impressed with Mark Franklin, and urge my fellow residents of Columbia County to vote for him for sheriff in the coming election.

Ron Kathren


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