LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Replace the spendaholics


If we are ever to rein in runaway government spending, the place to start is to put the fat pig called pork barrel on a permanent diet. This means retiring the members in Congress who solicit their constituents votes with promised earmarks that are then attached to what might otherwise be a justifiable bill.

It's high time the electorate throughout all of the states and congressional districts forego their own selfish interests to help achieve a balanced budget, for the greater good of the entire country.

None of these vote-getting incentives are free, the politicians are plying you with gifts with your own tax-generated dollars, or worse yet, your indebtedness. It's no different than one spouse giving the second spouse a gift, and putting it on the second spouse's credit card to be paid for later.

Don't be misled by all of the clever ads from Sen. Patty Murray's campaign ingratiating her with all the grand and wonderful things she has done for you, but look at what she has done to you with her liberal voting record.

Become an enlightened voter by taking a hard look at the facts.

1) Voted yes on the earmark bill HR 1105, Omnibus Appropriations Act, 2009.

2) Voted no for a balance budget amendment.

3) Voted yes on the $787 billion stimulus spending bill.

4) Voted no on reducing foreign oil dependence by restricting ANWR drilling

5).Voted yes on amnesty for illegal boarder crossers.

6) Voted yes for government takeover of health care, HR3590.

7) Voted no on tort reform, S 11, medical malpractice.

8). Voted yes on TARP funds for financial institutions to cover their gambling losses in the hocus pocus world of derivatives, HR 1424.

9) Voted yes for government intervention in the private sector, HR 7005, auto industry bailout.

You can help stop the hemorrhage before it's too late by voting out the spendaholics and replacing them with common sense, fiscally conservative congressional candidates who will represent "We the people."

Robert E.Brown
College Place


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