LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Greenwood ready to serve as coroner


As a nonpartisan voter and lifetime resident of Walla Walla County, I highly recommend Richard Greenwood for county coroner. I have known Mr. Greenwood for the last 11 years and know him to be an honest, forthright and a very kind citizen. He would serve the county with integrity and care -- skills needed to be a county coroner.

Richard Greenwood has been involved in the Walla Walla community. He has actively served as an volunteer for many public school activities and academics, has been involved in his church community and many other community based groups.

Mr. Greenwood has shown his determination for being a successful county coroner by speaking with both the city Police Department and Fire Department to learn how he can serve Walla Walla and help initiate change that would help provide the community with needed support.

He has asked for advice and ideas from past county coroner, Stephen Ames, on how to run an efficient office and provide appropriate support to families in need. Mr. Greenwood is a team player, and will advocate for the needs of Walla Walla.

I would highly recommend Richard Greenwood for the position of county coroner.

Neal Cochran
Walla Walla


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