LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Sen. Graham on right track


What, exactly, are local protesters of Arizona's immigration law protesting? The federal government's lack of enforcement of existing laws? That Arizona may actually enforce the law? That the border may become more secure? That some who have violated a law may be held accountable?

Holding violators of the law accountable is not a new concept, whether it be speeding (legal documents must be shown) or more serious violations. Some who come illegally, such as Gregorio Luna Luna, apparently come for more than to add to society by working. The fact that it only took three weeks for him to return to Pasco after being deported from the United States highlights a problem with porous borders due to lack of federal enforcement to secure our borders.

Will taxpayers be financially responsible for his incarceration and defense on the charge of murder? It seems there is a cost to us caused by those who enter this country illegally.

Legal immigration to the United States is not the problem. Doing so illegally is a problem that demonstrates a lack of respect for our laws.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is on the right track saying that children of those who enter this country illegally should not be granted automatic citizenship and the corresponding rights.

Removing that could reduce hospital costs at medical facilities to those who pay since fewer people would likely enter illegally for free child birth, which currently can lead to government support of the "citizen" child.

Jim Davison


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