LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Write in Frank Brown for coroner


Coroner qualifications.

1. Must be able to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2. Must be able to work on a shoestring budget.

3. Must be willing to work underpaid.

4.‚ÇMust be willing to work understaffed.

5. Must be willing to drive an old broken down DARE van.

6. Must be willing to have your budget cut.

7. Must have medical experience! (This is helpful)

Wow this job sounds too good to be true.

Not very many people would want this job but I know one person who has done it for six years as coroner and many years before as deputy coroner. Frank Brown is the Walla Walla County coroner and still wants to be our coroner. I have known Frank for many years and consider him a very close friend of mine and I believe you will not find a person as hard working, caring and compassionate for the job of coroner as Frank Brown

Frank has the medical experience and the background for the job of the coroner and he wants to keep doing the job of coroner for the people of Walla Walla County. Note to county commissioners: No matter who our coroner is he or she needs the supplies and the manpower to do the job, those hefty garbage bags you recommended just aren't big enough. Give the coroner the money and the resources needed to do the job.

Over the years Frank has worked hard for the families of the deceased to get them the answers they need and if they needed a shoulder to cry on or just a hand to hold Frank has been there for them.

This is a man who loves his job and the community he serves and I ask you to write in Frank Brown for coroner.

Kevin Pond
Walla Walla


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