Legal Briefing - Can I keep my ex from posting pics of the kids?


Dear John, My ex frequently posts pictures of our kids on his social networking page. I have asked him repeatedly to stop doing this because I don't want the world to be able to access private information about my kids and possibly harm them or steal their identities. How do I stop my ex from posting photos?


Camera-Shy Carrie

Dear Camera-Shy,

Increasingly, the Internet is changing the way people interact with each other. The way we raise our children and protect them from threats is no exception to this influence. Your desire to protect your children from invasions of their privacy or worse is understandable.

In Washington, when there is a divorce involving minor children the parties create a parenting plan that outlines the way the parties will raise their children. Generally, the primary focus of the parenting plan is to establish primary custody and visitation of the non-primary parent. However, other concerns, such as yours, can be addressed as well.

Ideally, the parties will agree to a solution before taking action in the court. Perhaps you and your ex can compromise by allowing him to post photos but limiting who has access to the pages. Many social networking sites have the ability to limit who is able to view certain pages. You could ask your ex to allow you to be one of the people who has access to the posted photos.

If you and he are unable to work out an agreement, you can ask the court to modify the existing parenting plan so that photos of the children cannot be posted.



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