LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Support urged for Cordero for Congress


Clyde Cordero is the endorsed Democratic candidate running against Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Clyde came to Walla Walla on Tuesday to meet with citizens and to discuss his positions on various matters. Clyde came across as intelligent, well informed and shared a common-sense view of government's role with the audience.

He believes private enterprise does some things best, but government has a role to protect the public.

Clyde Cordero is a combat veteran who believes we should "choose our battlefields wisely."

Do you trust the insurance companies, banks and corporations to always act in your best interests?

If you do, then vote to re-elect the Republican incumbent who opposes recent gains in health care and the stronger regulations on banks and other financial institutions that were to blame for the near total collapse of the economy.

She then voted against the extension of unemployment benefits. We need someone to look out for the interest of regular people and families.

Vote for Clyde Cordero for Congress for a balanced and reasonable outlook on government

Norm Osterman
Walla Walla


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