LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - White is a sheriff, not a politician


I'm happy to say I support Bill White for sheriff. He is genuine, a man with knowledge and experience.

In a recent forum I attended, the final request was for each to talk about their strengths, weaknesses and opinions as to why they should be elected sheriff. The only candidate who addressed all three issues was Bill White.

Evidently, the others didn't have any weaknesses. I'm happy Bill can actually enjoy a good swim since he doesn't walk on water. He's more than capable of this position. I rather enjoy the fact he's not the schmoozy, huggy, touchy type, which seems to go hand in hand with many politicians.

Regarding Dan Oliver's comment about passing a physical fitness test in order to qualify for the position of sheriff, I agree that those in emergency services should be physically fit. However, for an administrative position such as county sheriff, one of the most important qualities to possess, more than the physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger, is the ability to make instantaneous, life-preserving decisions for deputies and civilians alike. It involves knowing the community in which you live, problem areas of your town and difficult, habitual problem people who make law enforcement an absolute necessity.

If you want someone who can "go through the door" to defend your life, as Dan writes, Bill can. John Turner can't. He can take a three-day course making him an "elected official," but he will not have any authority to touch or arrest anyone until he's either completed his nine-week equivalency test or five-and-a-half month police academy course.

Don't send the cart in before the horse to plow your fields.

I'd also like to know what Robert Phillips thinks is a "good ol' boy." Is it Frank Brown, whom Mr. Phillips thinks was strategically set up by the heads of our local leadership to break the law?

That good ol' boy disobeyed direct mandates from the county sheriff and more! There were many professional boundaries that were crossed.

Mr. Phillips and others should delve much deeper into those truths. The "timing" of Frank's fall from grace was unfortunate, yet greatly needed.

Would our local citizens rather learn of his "questionable" deeds after they re-elected him? Can you hear the mud-slinging about our local law enforcement then?

Bill White is a good man. Qualified to do this job and do it well. He has not used intimidation tactics to coerce citizens into putting up his signs or taking down his opponent's.

Quite simply, he's your next sheriff, not your next politician.

Rhonda Boyd
College Place


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