Haack, Smego win Mid-Amateur titles


WALLA WALLA - Mike Haack from Bellevue won the men's championship at the Inaugural WSGA Mid Amateur at Wine Valley Golf Club Friday and Saturday.

Haack followed an opening round 3-under par 69 with a 2-under 70 Saturday for a two-stroke victory over first-round leader Sean Packer of Lake Tapps, Wash., as well as Erik Hanson of Kirkland, Wash.

On the women's side, Lisa Smego of Olympia followed an opening round 7-over par 79 with a 2-over par 74 for a 9-over 153 to take the championship.

First-round leader Denise Kieffer of University Place, Wash., and Sun Douthit of Steilacoom, Wash., finished tied for second at 20-over 164.

Inaugural WSGA

Mid-Amateur Championship

at Wine Valley Golf Club

Aug. 6-7

Men's Championship

1. Mike Haack, Bellevue, Wash. 69-70-139

T2. Erik Hanson, Kirkland, Wash. 70-71-141

T2. Sean Packer, Lake Tapps, Wash. 68-73-141

T4. Jim Pliska, Gresham, Ore. 71-71-142

T4. Bob Burton, Everett, Wash. 69-73-142

6. Tom Phillips, Seattle 75-73-148

T7. Alex Stamey, Mill Creek, Wash. 76-73-149

T7. Keith Crimp, Ellensburg, Wash. 73-76-149

T9. Kent Brown, Colville, Wash. 75-75-150

T9. Tony Hanna, Post Falls, Idaho 73-77-150

T11. Karl Smith, Gig Harbor, Wash. 74-77-151

T11. Brandon Lorain, Kent, Wash. 73-78-151

T13. Kevin Michelson, Walla Walla 77-75-152

T13. Scott Adams, Rathdrum, Idaho 75-77-152

T13. Bob Christensen, Post Falls, Idaho 73-79-152

T13. Jonny Walker, Bend, Ore. 72-80-152

17. Michael Kloenne, West Linn, Ore. 69-84-153

T18. Chad Cherry, Spokane 78-76-154

T18. Gregg Corn, Walla Walla 77-77-154

T18. Tom Hale, Lakewood, Wash. 74-80-154

T21. Dave Schrenk, Fox Island, Wash. 80-75-155

T21. Jeff Remington, Edmonds, Wash. 80-75-155

T21. Scott Alford, Camas, Wash. 78-77-155

T21. Kim Hubbart, Sammamish, Wash. 78-77-155

T21. Brian Brush, Lacey, Wash. 77-78-155

T21. Craig Larson, Tacoma, Wash. 73-82-155

T27. Michael Dolder, Snohomish, Wash. 78-78-156

T27. Jim McNelis, Gig Harbor, Wash. 78-78-156

T27. Brandon Moore, Tacoma, Wash. 77-79-156

T27. Brian Remington, Seattle 75-81-156

T27. Zach Mayer, Ellensburg, Wash. 74-82-156

T27. Matt Remington, Seattle 73-83-156

T33. Stephen Lee, Everett, Wash. 82-75-157

T33. Burke Shethar, Seattle, Wash. 78-79-157

T33. Rob Matson, Wenatchee, Wash. 77-80-157

T33. Ryan Halvorson, Maple Valley, Wash. 75-82-157

37. Doug Potter, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 78-80-158

38. Cameron Damskov, Seattle, Wash. 75-84-159

T39. Ray Smith, Gig Harbor, Wash. 81-80-161

T39. Lars Olsen, Kennewick, Wash. 79-82-161

T39. Michael Coelho, Puyallup, Wash. 79-82-161

T42. Richard Jonson, Seattle, Wash. 82-80-162

T42. Tom Van Orman, Bellevue, Wash. 77-85-162

T44. Stan Pynch, Olympia, Wash. 81-82-163

T44. Howard Crosby, Walla Walla 79-84-163

T46. Jim Sparkman, Moses Lake, Wash. 84-80-164

T46. Ted Palaniuk, Kennewick 77-87-164

T48. Kirk Smith, Everett, Wash. 83-82-165

T48. Alex Hinrichs, Sammamish, Wash. 79-86-165

T50. Jamie Colson, Cle Elum, Wash. 83-83-166

T50. Sten Olsen, Seattle, Wash1. 83-83-166

52. Greg Cowell, Chelan, Wash. 80-88-168

T53. Bill Boggs, Walla Walla 86-84-170

T53. Steve McPherson, Ritzville, Wash. 84-86-170

T53. Wes Kennedy, Bellevue, Wash. 82-88-170

T56. Bob Grayson, Seattle, Wash. 81-90-171

T56. Josh Schuyleman, East Wen., Wash. 80-91-171

58. J Kocher, Auburn, Wash. 79-93-172

T59. Larry Loomis, Stanwood, Wash. 86-88-174

T59. Dan Kaylor, Walla Walla 85-89-174

T61. Andrew Hossman, Seattle 93-83-176

T61. George Travis, Mercer Island, Wash. 82-94-176

63. Marion Patterson, Port Orchard, Wash. 85-92-177

T64. Manning Widener, Kennewick 95-84-179

T64. Ed Salko, Richland 94-85-179

T64. James Smego, Olympia, Wash. 90-89-179

T64. Jon Gunnison, Mukilteo, Wash. 88-91-179

T64. Jim Kintner, Bremerton, Wash. 87-92-179

T69. Doug Rich, Naches, Wash. 93-88-181

T69. Bret Bloom, Spokane 83-98-181

71. Jesse Bequette, Cle Elum, Wash. 86-96-182

72. Todd O'Neill, Bellevue, Wash. 91-93-184

T73. Scott Newell, Pullman, Wash. 91-94-185

T73. Bret Allen, Osburn, Idaho 85-100-185

T75. Alfred Deblasio, Seattle 94-93-187

T75. Bruce Bennett, Spokane 92-95-187

T75. Robert Reese, Bremerton, Wash. 91-96-187

78. Tucker Hodgen, Walla Walla 94-94-188

79. Aaron Ritoch, Cle Elum, Wash. 100-90-190

80. Nathan Owens, Spokane 90-10-191

81. Brad Bohn, Seattle 98-97-195

82. Randy Harvey, Pasco 94-103-197

83. Jason Hershey, Bellevue, Wash. 99-99-198

84. Richard Schleede, Walla Walla 103-105-208

85. Joseph Austria, Seattle 96-113-209

86. Larry Daniels, Seattle 80-DQ-DQ

87. Greg Kero, Olympia, Wash. 85-DQ-88

88. Radu Stoica, Snohomish, Wash. 99-WD-WD

89. Phil Irvine, Renton, Wash. 101-WD-WD

T90. Pete Guay, Kirkland, Wash. NS-NS

T90. Jose Contreras, Prosser, Wash. NS-NS

T92. Charlie Bolton, Anacortes, Wash. WD-WD

T92. Brad Mombert, Bend, Ore. WD-WD

T92. Greg Fink, Walla Walla WD-WD

T92. Ray Schuler, Lakewood, Wash. WD-WD

Women's Championship

1. Lisa Smego, Olympia, Wash. 79-74-153

T2. Sun Douthit, Steilacoom, Wash. 82-82-164

T2. Denise Kieffer, University Place, Wash. 77-87-164

4. Julie Williams, Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83-84-167

5. Catherine Allen, Bellingham, Wash. 83-85-168

6. Ginny Burkey, Fircrest, Wash. 81-89-170

7. Sonya Stalberger, Camas, Wash. 82-89-171

8. Ann Swanson, Redmond, Wash. 89-84-173

9. Carrie Jacobson, Bellevue, Wash. 84-90-174

T10. Sharon Falkner, Mercer Island, Wash. 91-85-176

T10. Linda Pearson, Seattle, Wash. 88-88-176

12. Linda Selegue, Renton, Wash. 95-82-177

13. Robin Cole, Ellensburg, Wash. 87-91-178

14. Susan Lehr, Seattle 94-101-195

15. Lisa Scott, Issaquah, Wash. 103-101-204


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