LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - John Turner has leadership experience


Terry Heisey's letter stated that John Turner "doesn't appear to have attained the supervisory rank of even a corporal" when in fact he has. And unlike the Walla Walla Sheriff's Office, LAPD is a large agency. Two promotions don't get you to captain and there is stiff competition.

John was promoted to the rank of corporal and then to the rank of senior lead officer.

As SLO, John was in charge of the Hollywood area, which spans 18 square miles with approximately 300,000 residents. He was responsible for monitoring and effectively addressing crime and gang trends in their area, working directly with the area's commanding captain, working with citizen community-police advisory boards, coordinating community meetings, working with gang and crime prevention programs, coordinating and focusing patrol officer efforts on all watches and working with specialized units.

He was in charge of community-based policing efforts and acted as liaison with all detectives to manage crime trends and special problems in an effort to lead crime reduction efforts and increase quality of life in their area. As SLO, John was in charge of and worked with more officers than the Walla Walla Sheriff's Office currently has on the road and was responsible for more crime and gang prevention programs than our Sheriff's Officet has ever had.

John was recruited due to his track record of success for an elite team of counter-terrorism investigators who embedded with U.S. Army combat teams in a wartime combat environment in Iraq. John's federal rank of GS-15 with a top secret security clearance is the civilian equivalent to an Army colonel or Navy captain. No leadership experience?

Heisey's letter also stated "if elected it appears at a minimum he will have to participate in a Basic Law Enforcement Equivalency Academy course." The course is an 80 hour, nine week on-line course that may legally be completed at any time during a new sheriff's first 12 months in office. This process is not unlike other professionals transferring into our state.

Many law enforcement leaders across our country have come from agencies different than the ones they now lead; this is very common and desirable due to the new ideas and fresh perspectives that they bring. The other candidates have only WWCSO experience to draw upon. They've been in charge for 12 years and look what we have.

John Turner will be a great sheriff.

Debora L. Zalaznik
Walla Walla


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