LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Cordero's focus will be economy, jobs


Clyde Cordero, candidate for the 5th Congressional District seat in Congress, is very concerned about the economy and jobs. His approach is very different than the incumbent, Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Clyde believes we should allow the Bush tax cuts that favor the wealthy to expire. The tax cuts have cost the U.S. Treasury $2.5 trillion between 2001-2010. He feels strongly we should begin reducing our deficit and return to a pay-as-you-go system.

Clyde respects and is employed in the private sector.

Clyde thinks financial reform did not go far enough. He believes recent history shows there shouldn't still be "banks too big to fail." Bankers should not be gambling with your money.

Clyde also favors further incremental health-care reform. His Republican opponent simply trusts that the health insurance industry, which routinely practices rationed care and is most concerned with the bottom line, will work for our best interests.

Clyde Cordero will work to correct the out of balance present state of affairs in which corporations and Wall Street are given unwarranted breaks that workaday Americans do not receive.

Sonja Gooding
Walla Walla


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