LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner, Brown are most qualified


Wow! I agree that citizen engagement is healthy and quite frankly, necessary, but I draw the line when some opinions misconstrue what I said.

Mr. Winters should go back to July 18 and review my letter to the U-B and he will clearly see I never said the deputies never tried to serve without diligence or dedication.

By the way, I did not limit my voting research into simply a "surface conversation" and I think Mr. Winter should refrain from making untrue statements. Leave those type of accusations to the "good ol' boys." I have done the research I needed to do to make my decision and I still believe Mr. Turner is the best choice.

I will say that instead of spending the last few years (waiting for campaign time?) to work on bringing back the K9 force, restarting the G.R.E.A.T. program, becoming more aggressive with gang-bangers and not wait until they start shooting at homes and people, and a myriad of other tasks which all are promising to tackle now, if elected.

As for Dan Oliver's comment (and excellent idea) about a fitness test for the sheriff candidates (and others), well, we should demand that. Ideas from Rhonda Boyd (on Aug. 6) that one candidate can go through a door and another cannot, is simply "hogwash."

I'll wager John Turner can knock the door off its hinges, if necessary. I will also say Mr. Turner may prefer to remain a positive-minded individual and not dwell on any "weakness" that some may think he has. Be fair, be polite and vote how you like. Just don't be judgemental or underestimate a person's abilities without the facts.

Regarding Frank Brown, I have had firsthand knowledge of his personality, professionalism and caring behavior.

He deserves more than nasty rhetoric. You should be ashamed and apologize to him. I would like to request you list the "direct mandates" and "professional boundaries" he crossed.

By the way, Mr. Brown is the "best and most qualified" to remain our coroner.

Robert Phillips
College Place


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