LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner's leadership is needed


Experiencing the valuable asset of an intelligent, immaculately trained companion and then going back to foundering around wasting time and effort. Plus giving up the safety factors provided by a dog is not leadership. Failing to reach out to their community and form collaborative partnerships to solve problems is not leadership.

We have been knowingly deprived by those who have had opportunity and now that the ball has rolled down hill and hit our house. Now they decide to say they will fix things. Just another cheap shot at trying to get elected. Not by my vote.

We are known for our Walla Walla ways. When things just aren't working we stand up and demand to know, is there a better way?

The driving force behind every one of our success stories is reaching out to form collaborative partnerships that work toward achieving a common goal of community health and safety.

I experience a lot of pride and gratitude in this community for which my personal salute has become. Wa-Ca-Do Walla Wallans, Wa-Ca-Do. Because when we get together, Walla Wallans can do.

We live, grow and learn from our experiences and the wise of us understand that the two categories, community health and community safety, are the priorities. We have before us an opportunity to open the door for finding better ways to problem solve. We have an intelligent, experienced man willing to give of his time and life to help the sheriff's unit challenge itself to make its best better. To become outstanding instead of back peddling ho hum not going anywhere very fast, while the world moves on.

Judging based on established, well-defined quality standards has let me to conclude I'm voting for John Turner for that outstanding leadership we so need in the Sheriff's Office.

Interview candidates for qualification and sincere interest, educate them to train a dog, find the dogs and we will have deputy dog units protecting themselves and us, community health and safety. John Turner gets my vote.

Jean Dolling
Walla Walla


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