LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner has experience we need


Walla Walla County absolutely needs fresh energy and new, solid ideas for our future. I completely agree with Robert Phillips concerning the losses we have suffered in the past few years.

Programs like K9, the G.R.E.A.T. and more have been lost or set aside for the past few years and should have been re-established well before this year's campaign for sheriff began.

Mr. Phillips and several others have opinionated about the gang activities and why more hasn't been done to rid our county of the criminals (yes, most may be young) but they are here and they are dangerous, definitely carrying guns and shooting at houses and people.

It is a fact that not enough is being done to rid ourselves of this threat. Does it take a bigger tragedy to act or should we get some new officials with fresh ideas and energy to get this task under way.

I strongly believe the change is needed, and now is the time to vote for necessary change. Let's not point fingers at the departing sheriff or voice wrong opinions and/or accusations at the new guy.

I sincerely appreciate the vast experience, training and knowledge of the tasks and challenges that John Turner will face and am very confident he has the know-how and energy to get it done. Also, contrary to what two or three opinion writers have attempted to lead all of us to believe, John Turner does have the experience we need to make our homes and lives much safer.

He also is fit, young, intelligent and I discovered he listens to what people have to say.

We all should be proud of electing Judge Lohrman, in spite of what some said about his lack of experience. We know he is doing a wonderful job using the legal aspects and contributing common sense to his decision making.

Let's elect John Turner sheriff of Walla Walla County and be very proud we did. I'm happy voting for him.

Michael Donovan
Walla Walla


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